He won the mission with the perfect whisky shot

He loves photography and he appreciates a glass of whisky.

When The Glenlivet ran its first mission on Foap he went for the win. It was actually his favorite whisky! And he did it. He won the mission and the $300 reward. The perfect composition, the perfect atmosphere, the perfect message. A true fan knows his favorite brand truly well.

Foapers, meet Lee Grainger (@greendub), a man of many talents.

Lee, congratulations once again for winning the The Glenlivet mission. It was a really tough mission, with many gorgeous submissions! Now, let’s start with that question that I feel I must ask: As the The Glenlivet, are you also from Scotland?

Thank you, I know I am very lucky to have been picked from all of the great submissions. The Glenlivet being a favourite tipple of mine may have come through in the picture, I know I had fun doing it! I’m not from Scotland, I was born & live in South East England but have spent many holidays there from childhood and my guilty secret is I had my honeymoon in Edinburgh and took my wife around a Whisky distillery tour (she enjoyed it, honest!).

Ha! That sounds funny!
So, you called this photo “A touch of class”. It’s perfect. The fireplace in the background, the class and elegance in the hand holding the bottle, the warm colors and atmosphere. Tell us about the preparation behind this shot. How did it happen? Was it an “incident” or did you think through this scene?

I was trying to go with the “Where do you enjoy The Glenlivet” and just thought of around a cosy fire in comfortable surroundings. I borrowed my dad’s living room and worked from there with what I thought would look good. I guess I got lucky with the lighting? The hand is my dad’s proving that at 71 it’s not too late to become a model.

Foap-A_touch_of_class (1)

So as a The Glenlivet fan, how is it to know that they are purchasing this photo from you and will be using it on their marketing?

I’m and even bigger fan now and will be trying more than the 12yr old I’m used to, so in time they’ll probably get the money back! It’s just great to think my photo might be used by them in whatever way they choose – I’ll be keeping a look out for it.

I was browsing through your portfolio when I saw this shot, called “Budget airlines”. I hope this was not taken at the same day that you took those The Glenlivet “shots”! 🙂
What’s that you are flying in? Another hobby? Where is the camera or phone? Are you steering?


​Ha Ha – No this is an old shot I took on my very first digital camera, must be over 10 years ago now. It’s a microlight – picture a hang glider with a go cart and big fan under it. I think in this one I was holding the camera over the instructor’s shoulder before we landed in a field and swapped seats for my go at the controls – my first and unfortunately only lesson so far.

Your portfolio is really awesome, with a great variety of photos. Which one of them is your favorite? And why?

Thanks again, I’ve tried to do as Foap suggest and have a big variety to increase my chance of sales. It is difficult to choose a favourite as I like them for different reasons.

I’d go with this one though as it sums up the importance of taking photos – to help remember those golden moments. This is one of my daughters when she was younger, after a dressing up game, slumped on a bean bag.


Oh! This so really cute! Now, could you tell us how and when you started Foaping and how’s your relationship with photography been since you took your first photo? I mean, before smartphones and digital cameras were around…

I must have stumbled across Foap around the Summer of last year and my family would probably say I’ve been a bit obsessed since.

My Dad took cine films of some of our holidays when I was a boy and I guess I learnt how nice it was to have all the memories in the form of film and photo. I’ve taken snapshots (buildings and bits of buildings) to go with reports for my job and almost always had a compact camera on me for decades now. Being limited to just 24 shots a roll and taking pictures half way up ladders must have trained me to point the camera in the right direction at least.

Last but not least, which direction is your photography taking in the future? Or where would you like to see it going? Is there anything new you would like to learn?

Well my obsession with Foap hasn’t gone unnoticed and my wife and others bought me a Canon starter DSLR this Christmas which is what I used for The Glenlivet shot. I’d like to learn more about how to master that (only used compact and phone cameras before) and then who knows… a hobby might grow into more if I’m lucky.

Thanks Foap for making a hobby fun. Thanks The Glenlivet for choosing my photo and thanks to all the Foapers around the globe that leave all the supportive comments (and good ratings!) on my pics.

Thank you Lee! We’re immensely happy for having you onboard. I guess you might have a glass of The Glenlivet to celebrate the mission win. Enjoy it!


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