High five Foapers! A cycle of new missions has begun and we invite you to take a look at what’s going on now on Foap! Here are some tips which should encourage you to participate. (Click

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Hello Foapers! When new Missions are launched on Foap, you know what time it is – it’s time for the tips from “The Foaply”! ? We would love to see you sharing these tips with

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Hello dear Foapers! Firstly, we would like to wish all of you a happy and a wonderful New Year! We hope that 2019 will bring you even more good and heartwarming moments to capture and

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Slow down and enjoy the moment – NIVEA Video Mission

The link in order to upload ? foap.com/video-mi…/5e387f47-3b35-4cba-8214-921f4252acda/join ?? (you won’t find it in the app)   ?Topic: Caring about yourself and your loved ones (making #tea ☕️ doing #yoga ?‍♀️ #reading ? #cooking dinner

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Perks of business travel with National Car Rental

To all the working people out there! So, you’re a professional. A pace-setter. Always on the go. You lean in to get things done and lean back after a job well done. We got you!

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Publicity and profit : share your profile now!

Dear Foapers, Fall is just around the corner but the energy of summer is still with us! As you know we recently added some new features to our homepage, market page and the app itself.

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Real people, real emotions, real pictures #FoapNation

IMNRM by the river women FOAP.com UGC

Announcing #foapnation photo story winners There are but moments that become shareable life stories, there are but few people that when we cross paths with, something changes forever. A meeting of strangers turns into a life-long

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He won the mission with the perfect whisky shot

He loves photography and he appreciates a glass of whisky. When The Glenlivet ran its first mission on Foap he went for the win. It was actually his favorite whisky! And he did it. He

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Welcome to Foap, Hyatt!

We’re very happy to welcome Hyatt to the Foap family! Their first mission, launched last Friday, is called “I love free Wifi”. The background behind the mission is that, beginning February, Hyatt will be offering

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The Foaply Tips

Sell your photos

Are you taking great photos with your phone or your digital camera? Would you like to start selling them? Foap is a great way to start turning your photos into real money. The first step

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