Ruby on Rails Developer – This is for you!

Are you a Ruby on Rails Developer that want to join our team? We are sitting in a creative office at Media Evolution City in the centre of Malmö. Except from the professional skills that is needed for each position at Foap, we value 4 things!

This is our 4:

ROCKET! (Successful! Quick! Exploading!)

4W (We’re running fast and only do projects that are maximum 4 weeks)

HUMBLE (Of course…), 

BUSINESS (If we don’t understand the business, who’s gonna pay our salaries? 😉

We have our app and website up and running, we have a very skilled tech team and a sales team that are heading for New York within a month, we have the investment in place… and now we need you! Do you want to join a fantastic journey?

We need a Ruby on Rails developer with experience of:

Rails 3, Postgres, Unit and Full stack testing 

It’s also good if you have experience with:

Git, Heroku platform, Solr/Sunspot, Agile Methodology

Come Join us! 🙂 

Drop us a line at:

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