Your brand, your fans and now your photos

Foap is unique in many ways. Today we’d like to highlight one point that people don’t comment so often but that is very peculiar to Foap: we sell photos of branded products.

Our philosophy is simple: Foap photographers are allowed to upload photos containing logos. The license of use for those photos will be editorial for everyone and commercial for that particular company, owner of the brand and logo. Are you following? Let’s look at an example with Wilson to illustrate how it works.

A search for Wilson + ball on Foap will give you all kinds of Wilson balls: American Football balls, soccer (I mean football) balls, basketball balls, tennis balls, volleyball balls… Now, the only people who can use those photos commercially are the people working at Wilson or at an agency working on Wilson’s behalf.

Basketbasket ball on Foap

It’s easy and makes sense, right? Wilson’s fans are producing a ton of great content on social – including lots of great images. Through Foap, Wilson gets a chance to license the rights to these images. After all, the photos feature Wilson’s products and are taken by Wilson’s fans. Imagine how simple it is for Wilson… Need a unique photo? Just Foap it!

Would you like to learn more about branded content on Foap? Check out these cool missions: The Glenlivet, Supreme Protein, Garnier.

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