Real people, real emotions, real pictures #FoapNation

IMNRM by the river women UGC IMNRM by the river women UGC

Announcing #foapnation photo story winners

There are but moments that become shareable life stories, there are but few people that when we cross paths with, something changes forever. A meeting of strangers turns into a life-long friendship or a courtesy of another vagabond hiker that you shared a cup of tea and some stories with gives you the energy and motivation to take the right decision when in doubt on a trail… There is but one currency in this world that has never changed its value – it is human friendship.

Pictures and stories submitted for the #foapnation Mission mesmerised us. We looked with amazement, awe, joy and often tears at portraits and stories you shared. We believe that love, friendship and respect are what makes us better people, the world- a better place. You captured so many unique people in your pictures that we could easily publish a book! And who knows, maybe one day we will!

We were touched with all your work and choosing only two best photos was difficult, as it usually is since your talent for photography seems to be unlimited! Finally we came to a majority vote and the winners of our mission are sampinsss and acooper7



“This is green eyes. He has been on the streets for23 years and repairs bicycles to pass time. I ran into green eyes downtown and couldn’t stop talking to him. His face sucks you in with those dramatic lion eyes. I asked him if he could have anything in the world what would it be and he said for someone to listen.” Thank you, acooper7


“There is fatigue, fear, uncertainty, but never, never, the will to surrender. There is less but now more than ever we must continue to be visible on the streets with some force, with more courage than during the first days and more united than ever, because after 3 months thousands of new cases of human rights violations, murders of young people and more unconstitutional measures take by the dictatorship had happened. All this is your reason not to stay in the house or to follow our life as if nothing was happening. On the contrary, it is our destiny, our future that is being fought and we can not surrender, we must go out into the street, get more and more people to fight to defend ourselves and demand justice. Encouragement, strength, the united “us” as we continue to resist”. #Resistencia # 1J #FoapNation Thank You, sampinsss

Thank you, All. We congratulate you on your talent and eye for photography. The moments we share with people we admire once enchanted in a powerful photography become our precious memory for ever.

Hopefully before the summer is over you will have a chance to meet more new friends during your travels and we hope to see these unique moments that celebrate friendship shared with us on

the team



Amazing cover picture by imnrm.

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