Little kids, big challenge! Be Prepared-ish with Babies “R” Us

The honest truth is that no parent is truly prepared to be a parent. No one is truly prepared for an airplane diaper blowout while the seatbelt sign is on. No one is truly prepared for hours and hours spent searching the words ‘teething’ or ‘sleep regression’. No one is truly prepared for the myriad of important decisions like ‘cloth or disposable’ that will ultimately determine the success, happiness and earning potential of their baby. But, you can be prepared-ish and Babies “R” Us can help.

We love the idea of a mission presenting these lowlights of being a parent, little unexpected moments that stressful at the beginning turn out to be the dearest family memories we talk about over and over, when recalling our kid’s past adventures and funny moments. Best advice ever heard from a parent? “Expect the unexpected”!

Getting these unique family moments captured on camera is another story…

From occasional pictures to professional photo shoots – photographing children is rewarding but calls for a lot of empathy and patience. We asked some of our photographers if they encountered situations that were at the same time funny and difficult and also whether they could share with us some tips on how to take a perfect picture of a kid. Here is what they told us.


Lisa, 29, New York

I always try to talk parents into taking pictures for a family album in their family home or garden since it is where they all feel comfortable and we can all avoid unnecessary stress. Also, I try to make them curious and playful. I often tell them stories or come with an idea of a game so the pictures come out more natural. And it works well!

Olga, 43, Warsaw

I always start with getting to know them. I don’t ask questions – I run and play with them, ask them about their friends and favourite places, food or toys, they often bring these with them, so I take a snap or two when they present it to me, and you know, these pictures often make it to the final set. When they have that thing in their hands or mind, they are more relaxed, they often laugh  and start telling stories. And it is a game-changer when it comes to the final effect.

Mark, 56, Leeds

I do not get to photograph children often, I think they are a bit more comfortable around female photographers. Every now and then someone from my social circle sends a word around and I have families visiting me for occasional pictures. I remember one adventure when Phil, a friend of mine, held his son up and the little guy farted so badly that some poop landed of my mate’s face. Should I not say that? It is just life and it was hilarious, looking at Phil who couldn’t stop laughing at himself at the same time feeling a little off. So much fun! But all in all, just be relaxed, let them be children and try to take the whole session photography, nomen omen, out of the picture!

Anna, 36, Barcelona

I know from experience that too much equipment can cause kids to feel nervous, they do not like being surrounded by lamps, statives and too many cameras in front of them. So when I plan shooting families I plan it to the last detail.


And you, dear Foapers?

What are your best memories of the unexpected situation you had to deal with in the magical gardens of parenting?

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