Golden Hour: Meet the Finalists

In photography, The Golden Hour, is a period short after sunrise or before sunset during which the sunlight is warmer and redder. It’s also called the magical hour and magic is what this post is about.

Some weeks ago we ran The Golden Hour Mission on Foap. Over 23 000 photos taken by almost 6000 Foapers from all over the world were submitted to the Mission. So many amazing shots and beautiful colors. Nature’s palette is unbelievably gorgeous.

After going through all the images, we have selected 20 Finalists.Taken by Foapers with different styles, different cameras and in different parts of the world, theses photos still have a lot in common: the Golden hour colors.

We hope you will enjoy. To all of you who made to this list: A huge congratulations! It’s been a hard fight and you deserve a ton of respect. To all of you who joined: Thank you! You are part of one of the most amazing Golden Hour photo missions ever!

The Winner will be announced in the coming days. Stay tuned!


Pean Choo (@peann) from Malaysia.



Judith Oatley (@jamethyst), from the UK. 



Judie F. (@judiemonster) from the US



Claudia Castro (@claudia.castro) from Portugal



Ilya Novikov (@energyjam) from Russia

Golden Hour


Tatiana Shumbasova (@thayra) from Ukraine.



Jennifer B. (@jennbrenn) from the US.



Hafizal Talib (@fiz_zero) from Malaysia

Golden Hour


Leandri Dannhauser (@llotter) from South Africa. 

Golden Hour


Brennan Philipp (@bphilippi) from the US.

Golden Hour


Jason Brasile (@jbrasile) from the US.

Golden Hour


Ally Orr (@ally.orr) from the US.

Golden Hour


Ariel Bustillo (@travelsolo) from Qatar. 

Golden Hour


Anka Rabben Alstad (@anka.rabben.alstad) from Norway.

Golden Hour


Jaffar Ali (@jaffarali) from Denmark.



Alex Valdez (its.valdez) from the US. 

Golden Hour


Ann Carlsen (@halea) from the US. 

Golden Hour


Candice Pugh (@candice_pugh) from the US

Golden Hour


Lisa Stiff (@lstiff) from the US

Golden Hour

Lindsay Terbosic (@terboimagingphoto) from the US

Golden Hour


Alex Malex (@alex808) from the US. 

Golden Hour



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