Hey Foaper! If you’ve joined a Premium Mission on Foap at least once, then you are probably wondering who chooses the winners and how exactly are they chosen. Well, this article was created specifically to

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Dove Video Missions – details for creators

Hi Foapers! We have just launched the Dove Video Missions! This is a very ambitious project, so to help you out a bit, we’re sharing these important pieces of information and assets. Font: use only

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Hello Foapers!📷 We are happy to share Top 3 photos from each Foap Premium Mission! Check out these amazing pics below: Beautiful nature around you 1st place “Woman hands around blooming yarrow. Love for plants.” photo

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Hello dear Foapers! Firstly, we would like to wish all of you a happy and a wonderful New Year! We hope that 2019 will bring you even more good and heartwarming moments to capture and

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Foap 3.0 – introducing VIDEO Missions!

All marketers are struggling to find most effective ways to tell their stories and since part of our job is to make their work easier, we decided to invest some resources into creating a whole

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What makes your heart beat! ❤️

Your heart is like a machine, tirelessly pumping throughout your life to power your body. In the course of an average lifetime, your heart is likely to beat more than two and a half billion

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Why micro-stocks are gaining momentum in the UGC revolution.

  Sourcing photos for your website, social media and marketing can be tricky. Not every creative team has an unlimited budget or an in-house photographer to supply a needed number of images and this is

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Get inspired with recipe ideas from French’s!

Hi Foapers, We just launched a new Mission with French’s called “French’s New Crunchy Toppers” You can see all the details here: https://www.foap.com/frenchs/frenchs-new-crunchy-toppers Remember that the best photo will get $500! So jump in and

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Slow down and enjoy the moment – NIVEA Video Mission

The link in order to upload 👉 foap.com/video-mi…/5e387f47-3b35-4cba-8214-921f4252acda/join 🔗📲 (you won’t find it in the app)   🔹Topic: Caring about yourself and your loved ones (making #tea ☕️ doing #yoga 🤸‍♀️ #reading 📚 #cooking dinner

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Volvo Group’s Mission “Someone I trust”

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” – STEPHEN R. COVEY When Volvo Group launched their third Mission with us we

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