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Foaping on the road

I’ve never been to California and I’ve never camped in a trailer. I’ve got to change. Indeed, Foaper girlinsilver’s photo above inspires me to go out there and explore the unknown. Yesterday, when this photo

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Case Studies

Foap and tourist destinations: a love story

This is a very unique week for us at Foap, specially for our community in Denmark and all the fans of this beautiful country. The reason is that we’ve just launched a mission together with

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Community, Inspiration

How to stand out in a mission

Missions are a really fun part of Foap. They’re challenging and propose you something concrete to think about. They give you material to create. They invite you to be unique and stand out from the

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Time for an update

Dear Foapers, It’s finally time for an update. As you have surely noticed, some of our services have been experiencing errors and slow response times. The huge amount of new users joining Foap at the same

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Community, Mission Winners

And the rewarded photo is…

Symmetry. Contrast between old and modern, secular and spiritual. Forms. Lines. Perspective. Congratulations to Foaper Lateproject! Your photo made it! We got 2957 approved photos in the mission Architecture. Lots of amazing shots! It was

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Foapers Stories, Inspiration

A lovely story behind a photo – by foaper Michael Brennan

I’d like to thank foaper Michael Brennan (1697berwynrd on Foap) for being our guest blogger today. Here he shares a splendid story not only about a particular photo, but also on his interesting way to

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Bubble Photography

If you’ve been around on Foap a while you’ve probably noticed some bubbles here and there. Magical, enchanting, mysterious bubbles that cover the surfaces of fruits and flowers. If you’ve seen them you might have

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Community, Missions

Garnier want your best part of the day!

My best part of the day is the name of our latest mission from Garnier. This is the mission description: Inspire us! We want to see your favorite part of today – the thing that

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Community, Foapers Stories

A story by foaper DuyomDulom

I asked foaper DuyumDulom to write a piece for our blog. He sent us this lovely story containing his Foap story, great tricks and one of his famous self portraits. You’ll see what I mean after reading

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Community, Missions

New Mission: Green things for Nordnet!

What green things do you see right now? Is it an apple, a plant, your new shirt or the wallpaper just in front of you?  Take a photo of it and upload it to Nordnet’s

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