A story by Laurieelle

When you enter www.foap.com you land on the Foap start page. Right now, it is covered by a playful photo by foaper Laurieelle. We asked her to tell us about when she discovered that she was on the Foap start page, and what she likes about Foap. Here’s a story by Laurieelle.

My name is Laurie-Elle and I am a teen blogger from the UK (www.laurieelle.com). I have had the Foap app on my iPhone for so long, it’s great to use the photos from my blog on there instead of them being useless on my laptop after. It was so excited getting an email saying that my photo had been sold and even MORE exciting when I realised it was on the Foap start page. It was amazing to see my photo on the start of a webpage, it looks so professional! I’d never thought that would happen it was so out of the blue! I use Foap to promote my photos and use in the market its a great way for me to earn money using the thing I love to do! However, I also love the missions page. I think it’s a great way for me to take new photos and give myself a task to take photos with a purpose. I think its really fun to do!

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