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Publicity and profit : share your profile now!

Dear Foapers, Fall is just around the corner but the energy of summer is still with us! As you know we recently added some new features to our homepage, market page and the app itself.

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No frames on your Foap photos

Hello foaper! We’re scanning the market daily to learn from you and see what we can do to guide you into one of the goals for many foapers – to sell photos. We’ve noticed that

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Upload your Christmas photos right now

Remember that companies always are one step ahead. Upload your photos from last Christmas right away! A lot of photo buyers need images for social media, marketing, newsletters, print (almost everything) before Christmas – and

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A story by Laurieelle

When you enter you land on the Foap start page. Right now, it is covered by a playful photo by foaper Laurieelle. We asked her to tell us about when she discovered that she was on

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