Create your Portfolio on Foap with $4,000 rewards

Have you set up your portfolio on Foap yet? If not, now’s the perfect time! Brands are always on the lookout for people with cool portfolios to collaborate with. If your portfolio stands out, they’ll want to work with you. But if you don’t have one or it’s not up to par, they might choose someone else.

We want to encourage you to create a portfolio on Foap, so we’ve launched a new type of mission called “Create Your Portfolio!”. While Foap supports only photo portfolios, this mission is for creators who have both photos and videos in their portfolios.

If you have ALL these elements in your profile on Foap:

✅ 4 good quality photos
✅ 4 good quality videos
✅ Your own cover photo
✅ Profile photo
✅ Bio
✅ Chosen rates
✅ Set gender, date of birth, and country

…join the mission!

Our curators will review your portfolio, and if it follows our guide, you’ll get $10 added to your Foap account for free.
(Please note, you need at least $50 in your account to withdraw money.)

And that’s not all!

Every week, from all portfolios, we feature a Portfolio of the Week worth $30, so the sooner you join, the better your chances of winning.

When the mission ends, we’ll pick the 3 best portfolios and reward their owners with $300, $200, and $100.

Do you have your portfolio already? Let us know by joining the mission!

Not yet? Check out our guide on how to create an impressive portfolio on Foap:


🟡 TIP: If this mission doesn’t match your skills because you’re only into photos, why not start making videos? Your opportunities for brand collaborations will skyrocket, and making videos is easier than you might think. The free TikTok Academy is a great place to start:


Portfolio of the Week I
Winner: kasyadovnar

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