Tip Tuesday: The less photo filters, the better.

Today’s lesson is a simple one. We’ve all been spoiled by the abundance of simple and free photo editing apps, and you cannot ever get enough of Lo-Fi, but what we’re hearing from our buyers over and over again is, the less photo filters, the better. Many social media managers and other marketing professionals who are the buyers of Foap, would like the opportunity to re-do the photos as they see fit or adding their own filters.

photo filters (Click on the image for the full, great profile of Foaper @Amy!)

In other words, retouch your photos, crop them as you think is best, but don’t overdo it. Love your photo filters, just don’t LOVE your photo filters. 😉 Moderation is key, especially if you would like to sell lots through Foap.

Click here for more advice on how to take better photos, to sell more. 😉


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