“I just let it happen.” – amazing interview with the winner of the “Mother and daughter” Mission

We’re happy to announce that the winner of the “Mother and daughter” Mission is Arman Shahrokh (@arman-shahrokh) from Iran. Arman shared a beautiful story behind the picture he took. We strongly recommend this reading:

Arman, congratulations on winning the mission! How does it feel to know that your photo was chosen out of so many other great photos?

Well, I’m really shocked!!! I’m happy to see that taking conceptual photos and thinking about what you’re doing is more important than having the best camera out there or having the best editing tools. It’s great to take beautiful photos but what is even more important for me is to always care about the concept of art. I don’t know how to express how happy I am after seeing that you care about the meaning of a picture and how important it is to care about the feelings.


You’re quite new at Foap. Why did you decide to join our community?

When I bought my new smartphone (iphone 5s) I accidentally saw your app in App Store and I didn’t hesitate for a second to download it! Once I started using it I fell in love with it more than with anything else…


Could you tell a bit more about yourself, so that other Foaper can get to know you better? Who is Foaper Arman?

I’m Arman Shahrokh, a Persian living in Iran… I know that most of the people don’t like to hear about Iran but it’s really not that bad here. I really recommend visiting my country. I’m 29 years old and I’m a music freak who likes Rock and Metal Music. I’m a singer, teacher and instructor. I have a lovely Girlfriend who I will marry soon… I’ll tell you more about her in a second. I love nature and landscape photography… I’d love to be a National Geographic Photographer and make my living that way. Photography is my dream job.


The winning photo is just amazing! It’s so natural and filled with emotions. Could you share the story of these women and tell us more about this picture?

The story behind this photo is filled with sorrow. The young girl (daughter) is my lovely Girlfriend. The other woman is her mother. They both had a very bad car accident about 16 month ago. My Girlfriend’s mother broke her neck and had neurological problems. We had a very hard time at the beginning and she was fighting death. She survived thanks to the doctors, but she could barely move. My Girlfriend quit her job, left the university and started taking care of her mother full time. The way she moves right now after these 16 month is thanks to her daughter and no one else. We used to take the mother to a rehabilitation center every day to help her to recover. One day I saw this amazing moment when we were waiting for a taxi. And so I did what a photographer should do…

When did you receive your first camera? How did your interest to photography start?  

It’s been a long time since I’ve became interested in photography. I’ve never been in any class or never taken any courses. I always used my phone as a camera and everyone around me was always stunned by the photos I took with just a phone!! They always told me that I should get a camera. I bought a camera by taking a loan about 4 years ago (Nikon D90) and I love it.


If you would choose a favorite photo on your portfolio, which one would it be? And why?

I hope you don’t get mad at me but I love all my photos. It’s because I took them with love and it’s impossible for me to choose one only. There is one photo which I took at night in Alanya city in Turkey. I was in a restaurant with two awesome friends and I was having a great evening. So it brings back very good memories.


Finally, what is your next place or subject you’re planning to photograph? Or maybe a mission you want to join? Let us know about your Foap plans.

Here in Iran living is a little bit tough. I don’t have any specific plans because I have to work hard every day. I always take photos wherever I go. I just let it happen. I let the mother earth hunt me down. 🙂


Arman, this is a very touching story and we wish you and your family all the best! We hope everything will be fine and it’s great to have you in our Community.




Name: Arman Shahrokh

Lives in: Tehran, Iran

Joined Foap: December 2014

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