How to stand out in a mission

Missions are a really fun part of Foap. They’re challenging and propose you something concrete to think about. They give you material to create. They invite you to be unique and stand out from the crowd. And of course, they give you a chance to make a nice sum of cash and get your photo being used by huge brands.

Have you thought of that? Imagine seeing your photo been featured to millions of people on social media, a newspaper or a TV ad!

Well, before we start to dream about your future international fame, let’s go through a few humble advices from your Foap buddy here. After all you would like to win a mission, right? So what can you do to increase your chances to get the mission reward?

First have a look at what DuyumDulom has said about it. The guy deserves a huge respect and has been called “The king of Foap” for some reason. His photos are being used by brands like Heineken, Sony and MasterCard. His work has been seen by millions of people and he got some very nice money on his pocket.

Secondly, join a mission to win it. Don’t just upload a photo that more and less match the mission’s criteria. Read the description carefully, follow it and take your time to find out what kind of shot you could take. Believe me, it will be hard to win a mission with a photo you find on your camera roll.

Thirdly, try to think as the marketer running the mission. He or she is looking for the kind of images they request in the mission. If you’d be the responsible for a brand, which photo would you like to see in your advertising material? Of course, you can try several, there’s nothing wrong about that.

Lastly, get your family and friends involved in your mission project. Ask for advice and get them to participate as models on your photos. Together you can have a great time taking photos – and of course later on celebrating your international fame.  😉

Believe! You can do it, if not in the first time maybe on the second or third. Or tenth. Perseverance is key.

Good luck with the next missions and have fun!


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