Bubble Photography

If you’ve been around on Foap a while you’ve probably noticed some bubbles here and there. Magical, enchanting, mysterious bubbles that cover the surfaces of fruits and flowers. If you’ve seen them you might have wondered how they were done.

Before we get to that, let me first  tell you some words about who has done them. Her Foap username is upyanose but out there she’s more known as the Bubble Queen. Yes, that’s true! She’s created a brilliant way of taking fantastic bubble photos. An own way, a completely new method in the art of photography. Best of all: she’s very keen to spread the word so that you and I – normal human beings –  may also learn the technique and create beautiful bubble scenes. Here you can read more about it. So now you’ve something new to look forward and I have to leave to make some bubbles myself. Good luck to you (and to me too)! Ah! and thanks so much Upyanose for sharing your art with us!

Magic bubbles

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