Time for an update

Dear Foapers,

It’s finally time for an update. As you have surely noticed, some of our services have been experiencing errors and slow response times. The huge amount of new users joining Foap at the same time last week knocked us down. Pang!

Therefore, during the biggest peaks in traffic we chose to disable some non-essential services in order to focus on Foap’s core functionality. Services that were temporarily disabled include:

  • Photo search
  • Top rated photos
  • Notification-feeds
  • Emails and pushes

But for a few exceptions, all of these have little by little been reenabled (yeah!). Most of the affected services have been improved to avoid these kinds of interruptions happening again. We’ve rebuilt the grounds. Emails and push notifications for new ratings are still disabled, while we figure out some way of improving that feature.

Some of you may also have noticed looooonger than usual times for a photo to make it through the review process. We’ve been working on a fix to this. No photos have been lost. There is no limbo. Each photo is patiently waiting to be rated, longing for freedom at the Foap Market and then somewhere in the advertisement world. All photos will be reviewed. We’ve been preparing solutions that will improve this experience within the week. Just wait a little more. Photos being uploaded  now are getting reviewed fast but please, avoid uploading the same photo again, as this will increase pressure on the review system.

Ah! If you’re a new user there is a big chance that you have been seen someone else’s profile photo on your profile. This bug is really annoying, but simple. Your account hasn’t been hacked or something. We’ve already sent a new update of the app to the App Store with a fix to this and it will be available within some days. Soon you’ll see your own photo there and not some random person.

Thank you so much for your patience! The art of coding is as almost as challenging as the art of photography 😉

We’re getting back stronger and are looking forward to delivering an even better Foap experience going forward.

Keep in touch!


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  1. 1

    Please add the functionality (Android) of being able to delete photos from all stages (unsent, processing, review and published). I have accidentally uploaded the same photo more than once. I have also started the upload process accidentally when trying to add a profile picture. Also, at least for my Nexus 5, I am unable to upload a profile picture.

    • 2
    • 3

      The option is there. Got to the image through the Photo Status section. Then swipe the image to the right and a red delete button will appear. I have 2 devices (Android 4.1.2 and 4.4.2) and this works on both.

  2. 4

    I am one of the NEW foapers and I am really enjoying it….but what doesn’t it mean when it says Second Review? and do I really need to identify myself with a drivers license or ID?

  3. 5

    Good News! As far as software updates, any chance of having a landscape mode in the iPad app?

  4. 6

    I noticed when you click on the info button there is no way to get out of that screen without closing the app and reopening it. using ipad, glitch?

  5. 7

    I am sitll unable to upload photos. I’m using to the Android app and I’ve deleted my app data five times and tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice. My photo always gets stuck at uploading.

  6. 8

    What are we to do when we don’t want our passport, id or driving licence online? How do other stock agencies trust their photographers withiut those documents? I will not put hose things online because that is the shortest way to identity theft…
    i keep getting this annoying page that keeps asking me for those very private details…. how can i disable this???? please answer me

  7. 9

    I have a question in regards to rating photos.
    As rating is not anonymous, how do you stop unhappy photographers from rating your photos with a low rating when they receive a low rating for a photo from you?

    Rating is subjective I understand and not all photos you put up will be of equal quality.
    I have noted some individuals will vote all your photos at the one level.
    If this is high or low rating is not relevant. It is no longer a true indication of the photos but more of the mindset of the person rating the photos.

  8. 10

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