New Mission by Park Hyatt: “Father and Son”

We’re excited to launch our first Mission with Park Hyatt. And it’s a really beautiful Mission! It challenges you to capture an intimate moment between a father and his son. The fatherhood bound is so deep that a photo explains it much better than millions of words. Love, trust, friendship, togetherness, affection, closeness….

Join the “Father and Son” Mission in the Foap app and show us how you can best illustrate this wonderful bound in moments being spent by father and son together. The Mission winner gets $300 and the Park Hyatt Team looks forward to licensing several submissions.

The Mission

Show us your pictures of a son and father (either young father and young son or older father and older son) sharing an intimate moment or engaging in an activity. Photo should be sophisticated and artfully crafted and take place in an interesting setting.

Join now in the Foap app!

Don’t know how to join the mission? It’s easy! Download the Foap app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

To get the app follow one of the links below:

I’m an iPhone user.

I’m an Android user.


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