Meet Jennifer Montero – The winner of the Budweiser Mission

Together with the Budweiser team we are happy to announce the winner of the ”Budweiser in bars” Mission.

Some amazing photos of Budweiser signs from all across the world have been submitted. Foapers from Ansan in South Korea, to Zurich in Switzerland, to Sao Paulo in Brazil and from many cities in the US have already have their photos purchased by Budweiser. It is great to see how popular Budweiser is around the world and also how global the Foap Community is.

It has been challenging to choose a winner but after the last finalists we want to congratulate Jennifer Montero from the beautiful Bay Area in California

First of all Jennifer, a BIG Congratulations on winning the Budweiser Mission! A photo always comes with a great story and we would love to know more about your picture. In which bar is this photo taken and where is it located?

This is amazing news and just made my day! The photo was taken at a bar called “Saddlerack” in Fremont, CA.

Do you have any fun stories about the bar or it’s customers?

The bar has a live band that performs popular country songs. It is known for its mechanical bull, shot chair (lay down in a recliner chair while the bartender pours the ingredients of a shooter in your mouth, shakes your head, then you swallow!), & line dancing. The dance floor is always crowded with couples, friends, and strangers dancing to some good country music! They also have a huge iced chest container full of Bud that is always a main attraction! 😉

Wow! That’s a great story! Now, when we know about that, it would be great to get to know you better. Who is Jennifer?  

I just graduated from Chico State University in May! I majored in Child Development with a minor in Special Education. Immediately after graduation I started working at a Child Care Program in Walnut Creek California as a teacher. (Which is why on the weekends I like to go out in the Bay Area and explore the night life!) A fun fact about me is that I am a Oakland Raiders season ticket holder! I think we are going to have a great season. How can we not when we have Carr, Cooper, and Mack! #RaiderNation Big shoutout to Budweiser for making my college experience exceptional 😉


What was your fist reaction when you got the winner mail and winning the $500 reward? 

I was ecstatic when I found out I won! I checked out all the other photos submitted in the Mission and they all rocked, but I’m really glad my photo from Saddlerack won! With the money, I will be booking my flight to New Orleans for New Years Eve!

How did you find out about Foap?

I found out about Foap from my boyfriend while we were at Saddlerack. So I downloaded the app and saw the Budweiser Mission. I snapped a photo of the Budweiser sign in the bar and joined the Mission.

Budweiser is an iconic brand especially in America but also around the world. How is the feeling winning a Budweiser Mission? As you mentioned earlier there were a lot of great photos as always submitted by the Foap Community. Must feel super special to be picked as the best shot? 

It feels so great to win a Foap Mission for one of my favorite beers! I will be celebrating this weekend with a 30 rack of Budweiser and some flip cup! Haha

Thank you and congratulations again Jennifer! We are looking forward to see your portfolio grow with great photos and hope that The Raiders will have a great season. Oh and also, we would like to say a big thank you to your boyfriend for spreading the word about Foap.

Follow and check out Jennifer’s portfolio here: jennifer.ann5

We also want to thank all Foapers that participated in the Mission and congratulate all of you that have sold photos to Budweiser.

See you on Foap!



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