A story by aaronbrown

I got in contact with Adam and asked him to tell us about his favorite photo, and of course – what he likes about Foap! This is his story.

Here’s what I love about your site: you promote and encourage people to shoot seriously with the camera they have available (their phone). Cellphone cameras have a bad rap, and I think they deserve better. Sites like yours will help to change that.

I’m an artist. I come from a long family line of artists. The camera is my chosen tool of expression, my muse if you will. However, I’m a firm believer in the notion that the camera is not the artist: the artist is the one who sees the picture before the camera captures it. The best camera is the one that you have available, and these days, that’s usually your phone.  I was just having this conversation with a friend recently. As an artist with a camera, I’m extremely happy to see the recent rapid improvements in the quality and capabilities of phone-based cameras. The fact that my phone these days is likely to be able to capture most pictures I see unfolding in front of me means that I don’t carry around my big dSLR as much: now I only bring it when I know I’m going on a shoot and I know I’ll want the capabilities it offers. Usually, my phone will do just fine!

It’s always been hard for me to pick images out of my work when someone asks me to, but I’ve picked one for you that I think fits well with the theme of your site: I took it with my iPhone 4s one day when I sat down in my car on a rainy day, heard my daughter say “hey dad, look up!”, and looked up to my car’s sunroof to be confronted with this shot of raindrops scattered by the wax on the surface of my car (I’d just washed it the day before, of course).  I converted it to black & white and emphasized the contrast to bring out all the myriad sizes of the drops.  It’s one of my personal favorites out of my work, and a perfect example of “if I hadn’t had my phone with me right then and there, I would not have been able to capture this”, since the rain started pouring immediately after I took the shot, and completely wiped this pristine set of distinct drops away forever.I’d not consider this a viable commercial stock piece (perhaps I’m wrong), but then, that’s not what I shoot: I shoot for art! I hope you enjoy it!

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