The new Foap apps are here

Hello Foapers!

For the past months we’ve been working hard on upgrading your experience in our mobile apps. We’ve launched the new Android app a couple of weeks ago and we are now happy to release the new iOS app to the Foap Community.

What’s new?

We believe that Foap is about the passion and enthusiasm for photography and about our amazing community. We are amazed and happy to read how people from all around the world meet on Foap and then are meeting up and becoming friends in the real life. All because of the love for photography.

This is why we’ve implemented new features supporting the social part of Foap. The major feature is the new Newsfeed, which is a perfect way for exploring the portfolios of other Foapers, getting engaged in the discussions around photography and simply enjoying the Foap community.

In order to make this social and fun part work, the first mission is to get all Foapers start using the latest versions of the  iOS  and Android apps. It will only make sense if everyone is able to get engaged in the Newsfeed and knows how it works. The other thing is that we’re redesigning the buyers’ part of Foap. Our goal is to make it much easier for all photo buyers and our clients to buy photos and engage with the Foap community.

We have updated the apps with a new UX (user experience) and a new graphic design! The app simply looks and feels much lighter, better and hopefully you will find it more easy to play around with.

The ‘Missions’ and ‘Your profile’ pages are much more engaging and inspiring as they highlight all the amazing photos much better than before. One major thing that you cannot see is that the app has had a major technical redesign to provide a better and faster performance and experience for you.

Turning off the old apps

It will be hard to support the old version and the new one in a good way. We will we need to turn off the old apps after the 30th April 2015 and we hope that everyone have updated them until then.

From the 1st of May, Foapers will only be able to login to their accounts using the new versions of the apps.  All the data will be there – the accounts, photos, ratings and comments will be always stored by us, but you will need to update your app to be able to log in and continue Foaping with your friends.

The old vs the new apps

The apps that we call ‘the old’ and that won’t work from the beginning of the May are the following:

Android version – 2.3.0 and older

iOS version – 1.51.5 and older

You can check within the app which app version you currently have.

Go to ‘Your profile’ page on iOS (the number of the version is displayed on the bottom of the page). For Android, go to the ‘Settings’ (also bottom of the page).

Download the new apps

If you want to be sure, that you’ll have access to your Foap account in the future, just download the latest versions of the apps:

Android users from: Google Play

iOS users from: App Store

The apps are free just like before.

The new apps versions are Android from 3.0.0 and iOS 2.0.0.

Spread the news and enjoy the new apps

We are really excited about the recent changes. We’ve been working hard to make them possible and we hope this will be the next step for the whole community. It won’t be possible without your help.

First, we want to ask you to share the information that we’ll be promoting in the coming days with your Foap friends, so that no one is left behind. Secondly, we’d love to hear your thoughts about the new apps. Please share them in the comments or write us:

We are aware that changes sometimes are quite challenging, but we believe that this is the best the way to give all Foapers a better experience and to keep the Foap Community continue growing around the world. We really hope you’ll enjoy the new experience and have lots of fun with your Foap friends.

Thank you all for being a part of Foap! 

Hugs and with love,

The Foap Team

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