“Mother and daughter”: Meet the Finalists

Capturing relationships in a natural way is a great challenge for photographers. You know, when you try to take a photo in a way that everyone looks just like they are completely unaware of your presence. It’s like you were not there, they have no idea that you are registering moments, reactions and feelings.

Feelings was what we were looking for in a recent Mission: Mother and Daughter. How do you show the connection, friendship and bond between a mother and her daughter?


Foapers who joined the Mission showed beautiful photos of mothers and daughters from all over the world. Feelings, emotions, intimacy. As outsiders, we’re invited to step in and take part in their precious moments. Many of the participants are fathers or friends and relatives to the moms and daughters portrayed. That’s probably why they could register magical moments so naturally!

We’re delighted to present the the Mission Finalists. Enjoy!

“I love you mom”, by Frank Nitsche (@frank.nitsche) from the US.

Mother's Day Soccer Game on the Lake Front

“Love” by Dejan Vekic (@yodean) from the Netherlands.

Foap-Love_ copy

“Mother and child”, by Kevin Plopinio (@kevinplopinio) from the Philippines.

Foap-Mother_and_child copy

“Mom and Me”, by Jane Hoffman (@rocketj67) from the US.

Foap-Mom_and_me copy

“Mother’s Day” by Lyubov Dorofeeva (@dorofeevalyubov) from Russia.

Foap-Mother_s_Day_ copy

“Power of love” by Arman Shahrokh Hamedani (@arman-shahrokh) from Iran.

Foap-Power_of_love copy

“Mommy” by Edibert Choi (@bekbekchoi) from the Philippines.


“Little Family” by Catherine Douma (@catherine.douma) from Atlanta, US.


 “Mother and daughter” by Sussi Alfredsson (@cabday) from Malmö, Sweden.


“Mom will keep you safe”, by Patti Prevost (@psp21) from the US.

Foap-Mom_will_keep_you_safe___ copy

“Mother daughter moments” by Emily Salamone (@esalamone) from Tristate Area, US.


 “Mother and daughter” by Surya Ganesh (@suryaganesh.m) from Chennai, India.


“Best moments”, by Ab Cortés (@deridephotography) from Costa Rica.

Foap-lovely_mom copy

 “Zaria” by Dejan Vekic (@yodean) from Hague, Netherlands.


 Mother and Daughter” by Marlene Bocast (@mbocas) from the US.


 “Last hug before takeoff” by Kaylee Rochelle @kaylee40 from the US.


 Last thoughts by Leonard Hays @mountainrun from the US.


 “Mother and daughter” by Tatchaya Masaprug (@minibox) from Bangkok, Thailand.


“Kiss”, by Peter Johansson (@peterjson) from Sweden.

Foap-Kiss copy

“Story on the Lawn” by Jessica Smith (@jessiejanesmith) from Shawano, US.


“Mom and daughter” by Madanmohan Rao (@krmmrao) from India.

Foap-Mom_and_daughter_ copy

 “Mother and Daughter” by Vincenzo Davide Martella (@wungenz) from Bologna, Italy.


“I love you mom, by Therese Peterson (@tpetersson3) from Sweden.

Foap-I_love_you_mom copy

 “My Favorite Cuddles” by Melissa Helton @grace.photography from the US.


“Us”, by Jane Hoffman (@rocketj67) from the US.


“For the love of hats” by Ashley Currey (@ashcur4) from the US.


“Mother and daugther” by Julio Cesar Shimabukuro (@yoshiosh) from Lima, Peru.


“Mama & Her Mini Me” by Annie Forrest @annie.forrest from the US.


 “Mother and daughter” by Krishnan Dilip (@krishnan.dilip) from India.



Beautiful photos, aren’t they? We told you… 🙂

Stay tunned because we’ll be announcing the winner within a few days.


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