10 country challenge finalists & 20 best comments

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A few weeks ago, we invited you to “The Best Photo of a Country” challenge. First, with your votes, you picked the best photos in your country, and next, with your comments, you helped us to choose the 10 best photos.

You can’t imagine how difficult this decision was! All 54 photos from all countries are so good, and all the authors already earn $10 each. Sadly, we needed to choose only 10 photos, so here they are:


1. The Best Photo of Canada by dmd3610

“Beautiful magical landscape I love the clear blue of the water and the snow on the top of the mountains. I can almost feel the clean air to breathe. It is so peaceful and serene. The perfect escape and retreat. Amazing photo!”

“This makes me really miss Canada, the water is so clear, and the mountains are so beautiful. It’s a wonderfully framed shot for an already stunning country.”


2. The Best Photo of Greece by personanongrata

“Such a peaceful and beautiful Mediterranean view! The water looks so welcoming! I love the glow of the woodwork surrounding the window frame and how this compliments the scenery outside! Good luck!”

“The windows alone are the best photographers in the world.”


3. The Best Photo of India by rajmanna

“Beautiful portrait. The traditional clothes, the colors, the expression on her face… Great photo reflecting the soul of your amazing country.”

“Beautiful photo that captures the vibrant colors and traditions of the Indian culture. The contrasting colors are bold and captivating yet her expression is soft and elusive. You can’t help but to want to know more about her.”


4. The Best Photo of Romania by dudetteandreea

“This is a great portrait composition, her surroundings compliment her seductive facial expression and her hair is a statement piece that ties this photograph together! Well done! Beautiful & alluring!”

“Great picture showing strength and beauty of women. It feels as if her eyes can see through me, and the surrounding just makes this picture wonderful!”


5. The Best Photo of Sweden by maria.k.s

“What a stunning photo. I am so amazed by the clean environment of this country. It is greatly proved by this photo. No garbage is seen and found along the river. It implicitly tells us that Swedish people really care about their environment. Proud.”

“What a beautiful & colorful scenery. It makes me curious, who is living in these winy houses. Maybe I just go by and ring the bell. Congrats on this amazing shot.”


6. The Best Photo of Switzerland by nntw8dy5hg

“Wow, excellent photography, wonderful landscape, the perspective is unique, seems dreaming. It’s perfectly focused, the water reflection makes it magnificent.”

“Beautiful shot of the great mountains of Switzerland. The water is so clear and inviting. I can almost smell the fresh air. Congratulations and good luck.”


7. The Best Photo of Turkey by serdar.aydin

“This picture is awesome, looks like in a movie scene, amazing moment very good shot, great composition, love the scenery and color, everything is spectacular on this photo, well deserved, congratulations.”

“Wohow!!! Outstanding! It’s like I’m watching a western!!! The pic is so real I can almost feel the dust on my face!”


8. The Best Photo of Ukraine by alusa92

“This is a fabulous photo to represent Ukraine! Showing the beautiful wheat fields that are so important to your culture & the world, with the freedom of your people represented by the woman! Gorgeous shot at a golden hour & winner! Congrats.”

“Perfect view, looking like a sunset at mid-day with a beautiful soul staring at it yet her beauty unseen. What a beauty untold, this is indeed a perfect shot!”


9. The Best Photo of the United Arab Emirates by allsimplethings

“A beautiful view that makes you want to touch that sand! Now I want a vacation…”

“Sand dunes are like an oil painting! How exquisitely and geometrically the lines meander along the sand. When you took the picture the weather whispered to you and was on your side! Valuable frame!”


10. The Best Photo of a Country (general mission) by chrishiess05

“Nice landscape. I like the composition. The capture is sharp with adequate depth of field. Exposure seems ok for what appears to be sunrise. However, there is chromatic noise on the mountain.”

“The photo shows that the golden hours are definitely worth waiting for. The photo conveys the character of the landscape effectively. All the elements combined in the photo evoke strong emotions like calm and peace.”


That’s all!

Authors of all 20 comments above will get $10 and 10 Foap Coins each. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Now, the best Foap users (who sold the most number of photos) will have a few days to vote for their favorite photo (they will get a link to the survey).

Authors of 3 photos that will get the most number of votes will win $200, $100, $50, and a lot of Foap Coins.

You will know the winners on June, 6!






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