“Battles”! An exciting new type of missions

Some things in this World can start an argument, even between best friends. What do you think about pizza with pineapple? Basketball or football? High heels or sneakers? Straight hair or curly hair?

We invite you to the Battles! It’s an exciting new type of premium mission where you can peacefully resolve some of the biggest World disputes 😉

The rules are simple: we will ask you to choose your side by uploading related photos.

For example: What is better? Vacations in the mountains or close to the sea? You can choose your side by uploading pictures of mountains or shots of the sea.

In the end, we will count the number of photos of the mountains and photos of the sea. The winners will be chosen from only one of the sides which has the most uploaded photos!

If you publish photos of a more popular location, you could win one of many rewards.

Any questions? Put it in the comments below. The first Battle missions are already available in the app, draw a line and pick your side. So go to the Missions menu and do not let the opposite team win! It’s obvious they’re wrong… 😉

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      Hi Iwa, this mission is about where you prefer to spend you free time. When you travel to rest from work, do you prefer spending your time in the mountains or at the seaside and show us Photos of which you choose.

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    So I can only upload beach pictures or mountain pictures? One or the other. Because I see some people are uploading both, so I don’t know how that’s going to work? I’m having a hard time choosing, especially between cat & dog (I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and both sides want me to pick them ?)

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        I might just lean heavily to one side or the other with my uploads. I’d love to see a mission on rivers and waters, from little stream to transport canals, I see a lot of scope for a diversity of interesting photos.

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    Hi there, I have question.
    In the description above, I noticed it was written there that the most uploaded photo of either mountains or seaside wins.

    Please can you explain better what this means ?

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      Hi Stephen! If there are more pictures of the mountains- the pictures of the mountains will get rewards, if there are more pictures of the seaside uploaded, pictures featuring the sea will be rewarded.

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    Hello, I wanted to know if the photos have to be taken by me or can you add photos taken by other people? what does it mean to upload as many photos as possible? in your experience, to win normally how many photos have to be published?
    Thank you

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      Hi Cristina! You can only upload to Foap photos that you have taken yourself! We recommend adding many pictures and most Foapers have a couple of hundred of photos in their portfolio.

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    I am such a water person-born, bred and live by the water life…but I have to say seeing the mountain pics….so impressed and not only that but calmed in my spirit by them…just scrolling through I want to be there looking, listening and feeling…I’ve lived seaside and in the mountains and definitely prefer a seaside life but love the mountain visits and these pics remind me of why they’re such an amazing calming get away

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    Claro que ya elegí mi bando en todas las disputas y me encanta formar parte de esta comunidad.

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