How to tag photos to sell more

Hi Foapers!

Today we’re sharing some insights on how to tag your photos to increase the chances of selling them.

Tags are keywords that added to the photos make them visible in the Foap Market. They are also the words that buyers are typing in to find the kind of photos they’re looking for. It’s important to remember, however, that position of a photo is determined not only by the tags, but also Visibility Status and Rating. Here we focus on the role of tags and how to tag photos to achieve the best results.

3 tips on how to tag photos:

  1. Think from the buyer’s perspective

Let’s make this short exercise. We’ll use this cute photo that has been recently bought on Foap:


It’s always best to start from trying to imagine who the buyer of a photo might be. In this example it could be a brand producing dog food or a dogs training center looking for images for their website. Next step is to think about what kind of photos they might be looking for and what kind of words would they use when searching for them.

Let’s take the dog food producer for example. What they need is a photo of a beautiful and happy dog that’s the real example how good the food is. They would probably type in: “dog”, “beautiful”, “happy”, maybe “park” if they want it to be outdoors. But they could also use words like: “teeth” or “fur” to get images that focus on these parts.

For the training center however much more important might be how the dog in the picture behaves. They might search for the words like: “listening” and “eye-contact”.

It’s always good to think about different needs of the buyer’s and different perspectives from which people might be looking at your photo.

  1. Use only relevant tags

After you get the idea of thinking from the buyer’s perspective, there is a risk you’ll start adding all the keywords that come to your mind, even if they don’t describe your photo. The lucky author of this photo used the following tags: “adopt”, “spots”, “beautiful”, “puppy”, “cute”, “park”, “dog”.

They describe this photo in a really good way. They’re all relevant and take into account different perspectives. If, however, the author wanted to use as many tags as possible and didn’t think much about their sense, the photo could end up with tags like: “cat”, “ocean”, “ball” and so on. Now think about a person searching for a cat with a ball and seeing this picture in the search results. Remember that the way you tag photos has a great impact on the buyer’s experience. It’s simply annoying when search results doesn’t match the tags and you have to browse through many irrelevant images to find the one you’re looking for.

  1. Use many tags

You can use between 5 and 100 tags. The more tags the better, but this is true under one condition: tags must be relevant. Since the last update we introduced the suggested tag feature, which makes it much easier to come up with more tags.

Hope you find these tips useful and let us know in the comments if you have any other tips or thoughts on this.


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