People gardening – Meet the finalists!

“Give me a garden and a photo camera and I will be happy forever”. That’s something that many of us would say, specially all of us who joined the “People gardening” Mission.

The colors and the smell. The hard work, the closeness to nature, the dirty hands. People feeling tired, feeling happy, feeling satisfied. Collecting the fruits, contemplating the results and the power of life. The photos submitted to this Mission are amazing and tell beautiful love stories, between gardener and garden.

Today we present the 20 Finalists. Authenticity, realness and composition were the top criteria on our selection.

We hope you’ll enjoy and get inspired!


Pot flower on the head, by Nguyen Tuan Anh @tuancamera2007, from Vietnam.



Grandma’s Garden by Nassim Ghrayeb (@nghrayeb), from London, UK.



Getting the garden ready, by Patti Neal (@pneall), from Virginia.

Foap-Getting_The_Garden_Ready (1) copy


Watering flowers by Michelle Lang (@michelin656), from Kansas.

 Foap-Watering_flowers copy


Old Woman Picking Colorful Flowers by Ted Dunning (@threeboydad), from California.

Foap-Old_Woman_Picking_Colorful_Flowers copy


Garneding, by Deborah Rossman (@deborahmichele), from New Jersey.

Foap-gardening copy


Woman tending to her vegetable garden by Aly Brown (@alyfromuk2us) from Gilroy, US.



Growing tomatoes, by Holly Headrick (@hollymint) from Louisiana.

Foap-Gardening_ copy


Reflections in the garden, by Chureerat Bun Ngoen (@chureerat75), from Florida.

Foap-Gardening_ (1) copy


Teamwork, by Arafat Taha (@taha1618) from Moscow, Russia.

Foap-Gard644 copy


We believe in gardening, by Abhishek Sharma (@abhiphotos), from Colorado.

Foap-We_believe_in_gardening_ copy


Gardening in summer by Maria Grigorova (@malenush) from Sofia, Bulgaria.



My garden, by Mar Diaz (@annitta), from the US.

Foap-Garden copy


Preparing the soil, by Rachel Frank (@foraminiferabug), from the US.

Foap-gardening (1) copy


People Gardening by Angie Reynaud Morales (@angee55), from Kent, US.



Planting a tree, by Jean Ruddell (@jpruddell), from Ohio.

Foap-Wants_to_plant_a_tree copy2


Planting roses by Chureerat Bun Ngoen @chureerat75 from Merritt Island. Florida, US.



My Garden by Roki Hossain (@rockyhh) from Bangladesh.



Proud hands by Amanda Tallon (@adanitallon) from the US.



Grandfather teaching his grandchild by Alam Utama @alamyudhautama from Indonesia.



Mum by the tulips by Susanne Hegbart (@shec) from Höllviken, Sweden.



Thanks to all of those who took part in the Mission. We’re looking forward to you joining the current ones!


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