Welcome Coca-Cola!

Foapers! We are thrilled to team up with our friends over at Coca Cola and bring you a lot of new and exciting Missions! Today we are launching 3 Missions with total rewards of $1200! Keep reading for all the details and jump on the app to join the Missions!


Coca-Cola and Food Flatlays

We are looking for photos of beautifully arranged settings taken from above featuring food and Coca-Cola bottles. You are free to create the concept and layout but your shot has to be a “flatlay”.

• Avoid food high in fat such as burgers and pizza.

• Avoid anything unhealthy and anything that contains sugar: no sweets.

• Show us how you enjoy Coke with salads, light sandwiches, tapas and home cooked meals.

• Include a human element in your posts, i.e. a hand holding a fork.

• Try to include a choice of products. The ideal would be to have Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero present in the same photo.

• If you have more than one Coca-Cola bottle in your photo, their liquid levels should be different: full to half full, to “last sip”.

• The Coca-Cola bottle should ALWAYS BE OPEN.

Advice from the Foap Team: To make your Coke look really nice you can mix it with Sprite – try with approx. 30% Sprite, 70% Coke.”

Example photos by Coca-Cola.

original-2 original-4 original-3



Coca-Cola: Sharing moments with friends

We are looking for photos of teenage friends sharing great moments and enjoying Coca-Cola! Show us beautiful everyday moments with teens having a great time. Include Coca-Cola bottles and cans in your photos and capture the moment.

• When showing faces, the people in your photos should be teenagers and the atmosphere and details should represent people in their teens.

• We prefer photos of people holding Coca-Cola bottles. We would also like to see people drinking out of Coca-Cola bottles. When drinking, heads should be tilted back.

• Take your shots in public spaces (basketball courts, parks, squares…) or home environments (watching a movie, listening to music…)

• Show us everyday moments, your shots should feel authentic and real. We want to see real enjoyment!

• Don’t use dark colors.

Only approved photos will be shown. Review might take up to 24 hours.

Example photos from Coca-Cola.
original-2 original-3

original-4 original-5


Christmas and Coke

Bright lights, festive decorations, Santa & family moments. Take a photo of your Christmas Coke and include red details and holiday decorations.

Example photos from Coca-Cola.
original-2 original-3

original-4 original-5

original-7 original-6

original-8 original-10


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