Meet Ole Johan Wahl @olewahl, the winner of the “Rural holiday in Norway” Mission

How does “Rural holiday in Norway” look like? Norwegian Foapers and Norways fans illustrated the rural Norway with beautiful photos. Today we’re presenting the winning photo taken by Ole Johan Wahl (@olewahl) from Trondheim. Read the story behind this lovely photo and get some advices from Ole regarding amazing places to visit in Norway.

To start with, we have two questions for you from Grethe Knapstad Fossen from Visit Norway:


What made you take this photo? Please share the story behind it.

This photo was taken at my home, in Bø I Telemark. My neighbors are running an organic pig farm. The animals live outside all year round and this cute piglet was only three weeks old when this picture was taken. It’s so much fun watching them grow up.

How did  you experience the moment you took this photo?

I usually pass the farm having a camera with me. That day I saw a girl feeding the piglet. I’m always very happy when capturing such moments.

And here are the rest of the questions from the Foap Team:

You’re quite new at Foap and we’d love to get to know you better. Who is Foaper @olewahl?

It was my wife who first found Foap and made me curious to see what it’s about. My name is Ole Johan, I come from Trondheim, but I moved to Telemark almost 7 years ago. I work as a truck driver and I’m passionate about nature.

I spend all my spare time outdoors. Fishing rod and camera are my most used items . Apart from that, I’m also making bows used for target shooting and hunting.


How did you learn about Foap and why did you decide to join this Mission?

I learned about Foap thanks to my wife. I was curious to see how it works and I liked it a lot after giving it a try. I found many incredibly beautiful pictures there.


You have so many gorgeous pictures of the Norwegian nature in your portfolio. If you were asked to pick one favorite, which one would that be and why?

This is a tricky question. If I were to choose a favorite photo it would be one of those taken during the trips I made with my wife to Lifjell. It would be a photo of the mountain or the place where we camp. I’ve had so many beautiful walks, that it becomes very difficult to choose any favorites, he he


Which place in Norway is your favorite one?

Wow… this one isn’t easy as well. I come from Trondheim and I love the sea. I love the smell of seaweed and salt water. Recently I have benn hiking a lot and I must say that my favorite place in Norway is Telemark. Here you can find everything you need – very beautiful and diverse landscapes, large and small cities and towns. The weather is great and people are very friendly.


If you were asked to recommend 5 Must Sees in Norway, what would it be?

I think Bergen is the first place to recommend. It is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. Telemark is another must-see. Here you can learn a lot about the Norwegian history. Another great place is Trøndelag. There are the Nidaros Cathedral, Stiklestad, Sverresborg and many more historic sites.

One can take the Golden Route from Inderøy and drive around Fosen to see the Trondheim Fjord and the coast with delicious homemade countryside food. Then we have the coastal highway. God, it’s beautiful there…

And finally, I would recommend visiting Troms county. It’s so beautiful there that it usually brings tears to my eyes. Take a tour of Senja for example. It is absolutely fantastic!

Thank you Ole! Great recommendations! You made us want to book tickets to Oslo right away.


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