Volvo Group’s Mission Finalists

Everyday, Volvo Group is present in the lives of millions of people. Their latest Foap Mission, “Volvo Group: Together we move the world” illustrates exactly that. The Mission encouraged Foapers to show Volvo professionals in action.

The mission ended last week and today we’re announcing the 10 Finalists. From the US to Thailand, from Indonesia to Norway… Volvo Group helps the world to move forward. Check out the Finalists:

1. Ole Johan Wahl (@olewahl), from Norway.

Foap-Volvo_at_work_ copy

2. Thanarach Wongkunakorn, (@bookcnk), from Thailand.

Foap-Move__ copy

3. Anthony Abdelmassih, (@anthony.abdelmassih), from Lebanon

Foap-quarry_works copy

4. Jessica Smith (@jessiejanesmith), from the US.

Foap-Tough_Rigs_for_Tough_Digs copy

5. Merethe Svarstad Eeg (@merethe), from Norway

Foap-Volvo_bus_in_Str_mstad__Sweden copy

6. Surya Ganesh (@suryaganesh.m), from India.

Foap-Man_and_his_machine copy

7. Marlene Bocast (@mbocast), from the US.

Foap-Volvo_Truck copy

8. Gail Williams (@gailstu), from England.

Foap-Moving_Day copy

9. Junko Richie (@happytails), from the US

Foap-Volvo (2) copy

10. Marlena Szymanska (@madi19), from the UK.

Foap-volvo (1) copy



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