Volvo Group: Together we move the world

New Mission!

100.000 people work at Volvo Group. Maybe yourself are a Volvo Group employee… If you’re not, there is a big chance that Volvo Group plays a role in your life anyway. Maybe the bus you took this morning was a Volvo Bus? Or remember the reparation that was taking place in a street close to your home? Maybe there were some Volvo Machines on the site. The last package you got? There is a big chance that it was delivered to you in a Volvo truck…

If you stop and observe for a while you’ll see the Volvo Group all around. And that’s what this new mission, “Volvo Group: Together we move the world” is about. Check out the Mission brief below:

The Mission

Volvo Group employs 100.000 people worldwide. And every day millions of people use our products, contributing to a well functioning society – Together we move the world. Now we want your pictures of these Volvo professionals in action; driving, loading, transporting, building…

Get out there and take some nice shots of Volvo professionals!

Good Luck!

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