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The Magnificent Seven of the Week

Every Thursday we feature The Magnificent Seven Foapers of the week, seven Foapers whose photos caught our attention in a special way.

Get inspired by this week’s awesome photographers.

Luster Lai (@lusternl), from Australia.

Beautiful and inspiring.

Lusterl blossom


Ken Higgins (@kenfl74) from the US.

Nature, travel, adventure and this cute dog.



Matthew Liu (@sight-through-glass) from the US

A traveler chasing light. Amazing shots.



Kendra Morgan (@kendiekat), from Italy.

Her portfolio is a window to the world.



Jon Marks (@jonmarks) from the US. 

Brooklyn based Jon captures everyday scenes beautifully.



Elisabeth Biornstad Christensen (@elisabeth.biornstad.christensen), from Norway

Capturing beautiful nature photos in her home country.



Alena Serbina (@dizaprofi), from Ukraine. 

Gorgeous nature shots.



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