Payment Delays for Users in Ukraine

Dear Foap Community in Ukraine,

We want to take a moment to explain how payments work on our platform and inform you about some necessary changes we have had to make.

Currently, we use PayPal as the only method for transferring funds to our users. PayPal is a secure platform that allows people from around the world to buy and sell items without revealing their identities.

However, there are certain regulations that restrict payments to individuals living in specific regions of Ukraine, namely Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions.

Unfortunately, we have encountered issues with processing payments to users in Ukraine who reside in these restricted regions. PayPal has warned us that if we continue to send payments to these users, our account could be closed, and we would be unable to make payments to any users on Foap.



The problem is that PayPal doesn’t provide information about the region where the recipient lives at the time of payment, and we cannot verify it ourselves. As a result, when we send money to people in Ukraine, we cannot know for sure if we are following PayPal policies or not.

Despite our efforts to resolve this matter with PayPal, we have not received a positive response yet.

To protect the interests of our millions of Foap users, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily stop making payments for photos and videos submitted by users in Ukraine. This is a precautionary step to avoid the risk of our PayPal account being closed.

We understand that this may cause inconvenience, and we sincerely apologize for any disruptions. Rest assured, your earnings will remain safe in your Foap accounts until PayPal allows transfers to users in Ukraine without the risk of account closure. Once the restrictions are lifted, you will be able to request the transfer of your funds, and we will give priority to these transactions.

We stand together with you in your fight for a free country, and we hope that the war and the associated restrictions will soon come to an end.



Head of Community at Foap

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      Hi Ann! Unfortunately PayPal did not give us an option to confirm the users exact location therefore we are regretfully pausing all of the transfers to Ukraine until their policy is updated.

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    Excellent (no)
    Citizens of Ukraine cannot earn money in your app because Russia has occupied our territory and started a war against us and the entire civilized world. And Russians can?

    Perhaps PayPal does not allow using its functions in the territory temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation?

    • 4

      Hi Oleksandra! It seems that indeed PayPal is restricting the currently occupied parts of Ukraine however since we have not been provided with an option to prove the exact location of our users, we were forced to pause all transaction to Ukraine until more options are available. Also, according to PayPals official statement their services have been fully suspended in Russia!

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    Hello, to support Ukraine in difficult times, you are blocking, you were my meaning! You can request documents about registration in Ukraine! Since 2014, these cities have been occupied and you just noticed it (

  4. 6

    Can you find out how you understand from which country the user is from, are you requesting documents or on trust? If my region is set to Ukraine, this does not mean that I am from Ukraine!

    • 7

      Hey Natalia! I totally get where you’re coming from, and trust me, we’re just as frustrated about the situation. We don’t want to take any chances when it comes to blocking payments for the millions of awesome Foap users out there. PayPal has actually given us a heads-up about potential payment issues if we send money to UA (check out the screenshot and details in the post above).

      Unfortunately, we are not big enough (at least in comparison to PayPal) to have much say in this matter, so demanding changes isn’t really an option. Our best bet is to try by people like you to convince PayPal to reconsider its procedure. Good luck, and know we’re right there with you, supporting you all the way! In the meantime, it’s important to remember that all your earned rewards will stay safe in your Foap account and will be withdrawn as soon as PayPal gives us the green light.

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    Super (Even here, the nation of Ukrainians is placed below others. And I recommended you, many people added you, I recorded a video about you in Tik Tok. And here it is. Super (

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