When Spring Comes Back To England

Dear Foapers,

We’re so glad to launch a Spring mission together with VisitEngland! I thought I could share with you an inspiring and beautiful poem by Alfred Noyes called “When Spring comes back to England”. Enjoy the reading and try to capture in a photo what the poet captured with words.

When Spring comes back to England
And crowns her brows with May,
Round the merry moonlit world
She goes the greenwood way:
She throws a rose to Italy,
A fleur-de-lys to France;
But round her regal morris-ring
The seas of England dance.

When Spring comes back to England
And dons her robe of green,
There’s many a nation garlanded
But England is the Queen;
She’s Queen, she’s Queen of all the world
Beneath the laughing sky,
For the nations go a-Maying
When they hear the New Year cry

“Come over the water to England,
My old love, my new love,
Come over the water to England,
In showers of flowery rain;
Come over the water to England,
April, my true love;
And tell the heart of England
The Spring is here again!”


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