Quaker has 2 Missions Live!

Hello Foapers! Our friends at Quaker have 2 new Missions live! Total rewards of $200! Keep reading and join the Missions now in the app!


Mission: Baking with Quaker
We want to see cooking recipes where you use Quaker products to make cookies, muffins, biscuits and even bread! Try to be as creative as possible! The Quaker logo doesn’t need to be visible in the photos. Show us deliciousness!

Mission: Quaker in Spain
Hola Foapers! We are looking for photos of Quaker products (White Oats and Cruesli) from Spain! The Spanish packaging looks different so pictures with non Spanish packaging will not be approved.
You can take photos having breakfast or showing us the product with beautiful backgrounds. Be creative and viva Espana!

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