Selfies of people around the world – Country Challenge with $1,200 rewards

Our clients – well-known beauty brands – are looking for people around the world – of all races, faces, nationalities, genders, young and old (only adults). We want to help and connect these beauty brands with you – awesome creators, and this is why we asked the best active photographers on Foap to upload selfies!

Next, all Foapers were able to rate photos, which helped us choose the best photos from countries around the world. We considered creativity, the number of rates, and quality.

Now, you can check out selected photos in the app. Choose your favorites, and comment on why you like them.

  • Avoid commenting about how the person in a photo looks. Focus on other factors, like the photo’s idea or the photo’s quality.
  • Do not copy and paste comments. Repeated comments will not win.

We will choose 10 best comments, and the comments’ authors will win $10 each!

It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know other Foapers with their selfies. Moreover, participants will join the community dedicated to beauty brands and get Foap Coins for free.


1st place: $200 + 200 Foap Coins

2nd place: $100 + 100 Foap Coins

3rd place: $50 + 50 Foap Coins

The best photo in each country: $10

10 best comments: $10 each

50 rewards surprises: $4 each


You can find more information about this mission in the FAQ about this challenge.

Any questions? Go to the comments section below. We read them all!


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        Hi! I Have posted a photo of me and my son in the mission of selfies around the world. And I was asked to submit a model release. I own the photo and is me and my son only. Can I ask for an advice what to do? Thank u!

        • 8

          Hi Babyblur! Even if it is you in the photo, we still need a signed release for the picture to be used for commercial purposes in case it is sold. When the model is a child, the release can be signed by a parent or guardian so you can upload just one release signed by yourself. 🙂

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      Hi Lishmar! I’m happy that you’re interested in joining this challenge.

      This mission is in the app’s Missions menu – Active tab, and it’s called “The Best Selfies from…”. However, in the first stage (adding photos), it’s visible only for Foapers who have previously joined missions and published good-quality photos on Foap.

      If you don’t see the mission, maybe you’ve joined Foap recently, and our team didn’t have a chance yet to verify your skills? In this case, you will not be able to join this mission, but you can join other missions to be verified by our team and be invited to the next country challenge.

  7. 13

    I think this is one of the best mission on foap?.. Much love to you guys ♥️???

    • 14

      I need to say I’m also excited about the possibility of getting to know Foapers better through selfies.
      I’m happy that you’re with us, Joshua, and good luck with the mission for Canada! 😉 ♥️♥️

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    love cultural pictures from all over the world
    how do I live what customs of culture have
    until you want to visit all these countries

  10. 18
  11. 20

    I am so happy to be part of this mission. Thank you foap for recognizing my beautiful country Nigeria. It a huge honor for we Nigerians to be part of this Contest.

    Thank You Foap for making me and my fellow Nigerians to participate in this. God will continue to strengthen your teams and give you more ideals.

    • 21

      <3 Hello, Dear Awaji. Thank you for your kind words. Our team appreciates it! We're happy that people from Nigeria are part of the Foap community, and you will have here your country representation. Good luck!

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  13. 24

    Hi! I received an email that I have been nominated to participate in the mission, but I don’t see it in the active missions in the foap app. Can you help me with that? Thank you in advance!

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    Love this!! How can I upload my model release? It’s a selfie, done with a tripod and remote. Do I need a model release since it’s me?

  17. 30

    Hi I have been asked to provide a model release form if.myself after posting the photo. How do I upload it?

  18. 32

    Hallo to everyone and especially to the great foap team. I’m so glad to have been chosen as part of the country mission. I must say you guys are really doing great. God bless you all.
    Best regards.

  19. 33

    Wow… I’m really excited about this opportunity and that I was chosen to participate in this mission..wish everyone the best of luck

  20. 34
  21. 35

    Good evening to you. Does this mission require model release? The page to upload same will not open?

  22. 37

    Hi! It’s a really great challenge, it’s just that I’ve been put under Russia cus I currently live there, but I’m actually a Sri Lankan… Could I be considered for the challenge under Sri Lanka please? I feel like an intruder hehe

    • 38

      Hey Cha! I can understand it, and I just changed it – The Best Selfie from Sri Lanka should be available for you. If you prefer to have access to Sri Lanka’s missions in the future, go to your profile in the app, tap Edit and change the country to Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, don’t forget to publish your selfie in Sri Lanka’s mission, only 2 days left. Good luck!

  23. 39

    I really want to participate, but I have tried uploading several different selfies and get a message “ failed to upload. Bad Gateway 502” and I can’t get them to upload.

    Please help. All my other photos upload fine.

    • 40
      • 41

        I did not have problems with uploading photos for other missions, except for ones I took with my front camera. I was eventually able to upload a selfie by taking it with the back camera. Now, I was sent an email to upload the model release form. I have the form filled out l, but when I try to click the link to upload it, it just keeps spinning, and I can’t access it. Hopefully, it will work later.

        • 42

          Hey Janet, I’m happy you were able to upload your photo. And this bug you described is really weird! Can you send both photos – from the front camera (impossible to upload to the mission) and the other one you successfully uploaded to support@foap.com? We will try to take a look and fix it for the future.

          Sorry for the issues with a model release. We’re checking it and don’t worry – even if it not start working before the end of stage 2 – your photo will still be in the challenge and still can win 🙂

          • 43

            Thank you, Artur. I was able to attach the model release this afternoon. The tech team thought the issue with the photos might be the size and suggested I try resizing if it happens again. Will send copies later. Thanks again!

      • 44

        I cant reach the portal to attach my model release form. I have tried repeatedly. I reached out to support a couple of times, but I am afraid I may miss the deadline because I can’t get through. The form is all filled out, but I cant get to where I attach it. It worked last time. I only have a phone, not a desktop computer. Is that the issue? I was able to reach it last time though.

      • 45

        Now I cannot access the portal to attach my model release. It is filled out, but I can’t reach the place you attach it. I hope this does not cause me to miss out on the mission.

  24. 46

    Totally creative selfie! Love the lights around the mirror, the colors that you choose and how the lens look at your face.

  25. 47
  26. 48

    I can’t access the model release panel to upload the release form that is required for my selfie. (I tried on my iPhone and my iPad). I can log in on the website but once I click on the panel link it just keeps loading (blue loading sign in the middle) and nothing happens. Is it only me or is it down?

  27. 50

    I want to participate. I am unable to upload a photo, and I receive a message, ‘Request failed: internal server error (500). Please try again.’

    I appreciate your help.

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  29. 53
    • 54

      Hey Dragomir, joining this mission is not available anymore. You can only rate photos at this stage to help choose the best selfie in Serbia. Good luck in other missions!

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    I only have a cellphone camera, can I join or join this mission, then how do I join this mission, sorry I’m a beginner and don’t understand anything, please explain in detail to me, Thank you

    • 58

      Hi Suryadi, adding photos to this mission is not available anymore, but feel free to join other missions with photos from your phone. Actually, the most number of photos in missions are from cameras on smartphones. Technical quality of photos is important to win missions, many mobile cameras are not so good in dark conditions, so if I can suggest something – it’s easier to achieve good results if you will take photos outside in daylight. Good luck!

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    Hello sorry I submitted similar pictures and I had no clue I did that. Actually they are the exact same. Can I get rid of them. That’s so embarrassing.

  36. 64

    Why are my photos not accepted? Is the country I am in not supported? I’m in Libya and I’m Syrian please reply

  37. 66

    Trying to look at photos to pick my favorite and the app is only giving me the option to upload pictures, even then they’re “to small” so how do I join a mission of this nature?

  38. 68
  39. 69

    love cultural pictures from all over the world
    how do I live what customs of culture have
    until you want to visit all these countries

  40. 70
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    • 73

      Hi Laila, this photo is great! Congratulations! We already both it some time ago, and you didn’t join the country challenge, so this time it can’t win. Good luck in other missions!

    • 74
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    • 76

      Hi Deepa, I agree with you, and this is why we are asking in the mission description not to comment about a person in the photo but rather about other aspects like the idea of the photo or technical aspects.

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  48. 83

    Hi I left a comment the other day but I don’t see it on here, I see someone else has votes less than mine but made it to round 3 and mine did not. How is this?

    • 84

      Hi Chris, thank you for participating in this challenge. When choosing the best photos in each country, we considered not only the number of rates but also creativity, technical quality, and – most important – is it in line with the rules. You’ve got a lot number of votes and the technical quality was great, but I hope you will agree that your “Graduation Day” is looking more like a portrait than a selfie, and the topic of this challenge was “take a selfie”… This is why other photos were chosen in your country. I hope you understand our decision, and I wish you good luck in other missions.

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    Wow..I am choosen to be nominated in FOAP mission..by selfie can show your authentic to yourself?

  53. 89

    This photo screams happiness to me. The mode is cheerful and light! Im smiling at the colors and vibe!

  54. 90

    beautiful photos, adjusted to the place and taking photos from the right angle so that they get good colors, even those photos can be easily remembered when they are being made

  55. 91

    I yearn to comment on my cohorts photos, but I cannot access “photos” on page. Alas

    • 92

      Hi Vivian! In order to comment open any photo of the user, tap it once after opening it in a full-screen view and click on the cloud icon in the bottom right to open comments and to add your comment. If it’s not working for you, do not hesitate to reach our support for help. 🙂

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    Everybody wants happiness, nobody wansts pain. So in this picture you can see the colcolourfulness and the happiness..

  63. 100
  64. 101

    The photo is extraordinary, it extremely colourful which speak beyond imagination. Nice and keep up the great work ?.

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  69. 106

    When colors reflect happiness! A smile doesn’t need to reflect happiness. It’s beautifully captured!!

  70. 107
  71. 108

    It is beautiful to see how there are people who can capture this type of images and work from this

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    U know colors are beautiful on their own ,added with some fabric making it materials with different colors,like this is a 10 out of 10.❤️

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    Lol. I love the challenge cos it will make us the photographers to at lease have a shot of ourselves single we barely have time to tell someone to snap us. Nice once Foap

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    Its an outstanding photo its very beautiful and the photographer is very tallented

  86. 123
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  88. 125

    someone has said that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. but this pic prove it wrong . the variation of colours seen in this pic r awesome and the usage of light and mirror was great . efforts taken are to be apprreciated . clicking pick from hand is difficult but if u try everything can happen . the girl has also adjested herself very beautifully in this pic .wonderfull!!!

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