FAQ: Rules for “The Best Selfie from… (Country Challenge, August 2022)”

What is the goal of this mission?

Our clients – well-known beauty brands – are looking for people around the world – of all races, faces, nationalities, genders, young and old (only adults). This mission is for everyone, they don’t need the picture-perfect, model look. So show all kinds of regular, ordinary faces. Here, diversity is key.

With this mission, we want to help and connect these brands with awesome Foap creators to make them able to collaborate for money, free products, discounts, and other benefits.


When is this mission available?

It started on August 9, 2022, and we plan to announce the winners no later than September 15, 2022.


This mission is not visible in my app. Why?

This mission is in the app’s Missions menu – Active tab, and it’s called “The Best Selfies from…”. However, in the first stage (adding photos), it’s visible only for Foapers who have previously joined missions and published good-quality photos on Foap. They have been verified by our team.

If you don’t see the mission, maybe you’ve joined Foap recently, and our team didn’t have a chance yet to verify your skills? In this case, you will not be able to join this challenge, but you can join other missions to be verified by our team and be invited to the next country challenge.

If you do not see this mission and believe you’re verified (have been on Foap for a few months at least AND sold some photos already) – reach out to us.


How can I upload photos?

Just open the app, go to the Missions menu and find the premium mission named “The Best Selfies from [your country].” Unlock the mission with only 1 Foap Coin and upload your photos. Adding photos is available only in the first stage.


When will I be able to add photos?

You can add photos from August 9, 2022, to August 23, 2022 (CET).


What does it mean that there are stages?

Country Challenges aims to find the best photos in each country and choose the best photos worldwide.

Stage 1: Adding photos

From Aug 9 to Aug 23, nominated users can add photos to missions dedicated to their country. The mission is visible only to nominated users.

Stage 2: Voting (with stars)

From Aug 24 to Aug 31, photos added in the previous stage are visible to all users inside each country. For example, all Foap users from the US will see pictures added by other users from the US. All users should vote for photos by choosing 1 to 5 stars. 

Important: We don’t want anyone to be able to decrease the rating to leverage their chances of winning, so only the number of rates matters. If you like a photo and want it to win – rate it. If you don’t like it – skip it.

From the photos with the highest number of rates, we (real humans, not an algorithm) will choose 1 best photo for every country (exception: 5 photos from the US because the number of our users is much bigger in the US than in the other countries).

We consider the picture’s overall quality, but the number of votes influences us strongly. 

Stage 3: Commenting

From September 1 to September 7, one mission with 1 best photo from each country (except the US) will be available for all Foap users. They can comment on photos, and the best comments describing what they like in photos will win rewards.

Stage 4: Choosing the winners

The Foap Team, influenced by comments, will choose the 10 best photos. Next, the best Foap users (users worldwide who sold the most number of photos) will vote for the best photos on Foap. We’re planning to announce the winners no later than September 15.


Rewards ($1,200)

1st place: $200 + 200 Foap Coins

2nd place: $100 + 100 Foap Coins

3rd place: $50 + 50 Foap Coins

The best photo in each country: $10

10 best comments: $10 + 10 Foap Coins each

50 rewards surprises – occasionally, we will reward users who upload good quality photos with $4 each.


How can I vote for photos?

It’s super simple. Go to the mission, check uploaded photos, tap on any image, and if you like it and want it to win – rate it from 1 to 5 stars. If you don’t like it – just skip it.

We don’t want anyone to be able to decrease the rating of other users to leverage their chances of winning, so only the number of rates matters. If you like a photo and want it to win – rate it. If you don’t like it – skip it.


How are winners chosen?

It depends on the stage. 

We (real humans, not an algorithm) choose the best photo in each country after stage 2.

  • We will choose only photos on-brief (read the section “What type of photos should I add to this mission” below).
  • We consider the picture’s overall quality and creativity.
  • Additional “points” will get photos that look natural (no filters or artificial face corrections).
  • The number of votes influences us strongly. 

In the 3rd stage, we are also choosing the 10 best photos for the finals. Your comments at this stage will strongly influence our decisions.

The best Foap users (Foapers from around the world who sold the most number of photos) will choose the Winners from the 10 best photos.


What type of photos should I add to this mission?

For this country challenge, you need to upload a selfie – a photo of yourself (only 1 person on a photo!) created by yourself without using additional devices like drones or tripods (selfie sticks are allowed) and without visible help from other people.

Do not upload portraits – the best photos for this mission are photos that look like they were made by a smartphone camera you hold in your hand. It doesn’t mean you can’t use DSLRs or other cameras. It just should look like you’re holding a camera in your hand.


Can I upload a selfie of my model?

We strongly encourage you not to be shy and upload a photo of yourself – it’s not a competition about how you look / how pretty you are – it’s about diversity, creativity, and photographic skills. When the brands want to collaborate with you, they can expect a person in a photo.

If you want to use a photo of a model, it’s ok, and we will not ask you to prove it is you. Just make sure this model will be available for you in the future. Please also keep in mind that, like with all photos published on Foap, you need to have all copyrights to the published photos.


Can I upload my selfie if I do not look like a citizen of the country I live in?

Yes! If you live in a country where you’re a part of a minority, it’s absolutely ok. We believe in the freedom of living wherever we want. Maybe it would also be good to remind other people in this country that there are minorities? Do not hesitate to do that.

This mission is not about finding a person who looks most like a typical country citizen. It’s about diversity and freedom.


Why are photos of children not accepted?

Beauty-related brands’ products usually are dedicated to adults or young adults. This is why most beauty brands do not need photos of children with their products.


How many photos can I add?

You can upload only 1 photo in this challenge. Uploading costs only 1 Foap Coin. Check out how to get Foap Coins for free.


Can I change the photo that I uploaded?

Yes, you can. After you delete the uploaded photo, you can upload another one, but keep in mind that you will lose all votes and comments.


Can I upload a photo that won another mission?

Yes, you can, and it can win again.


Can I upload a black and white or modified photo?

This mission is about being authentic and natural without enhancements. Black and white photos will NOT be able to win. You can make some digital adjustments like better contrast or brightness, but we recommend being careful with that and do not use any filters – an image and face should look natural.


How can I comment?

Open the photo you want to add a comment, tap on the image, and see the comments icon in the right-down corner. Tap it and add your comment.


What do I need to do to be nominated for a country challenge?

You need to be active on Foap and upload good photos to other missions. We’re checking all uploaded images. We can’t buy all good pictures, but we can nominate all authors to be Foap Plus or to join missions like a country challenge.


Will there be rewards for every country?

After stage 2 and voting, we will choose the best photo from every nominated country. Remember that all chosen images must be technically correct (sharpness, brightness, natural color, no watermarks, and other modifications – like filters). If there are no correct photos, the prize may not be awarded. 

Because so many of our users live in the United States, we decided to make an exception, and there will be 5 (not 1) photos chosen from the US in stage 2.


Why do I see a country challenge without a specific country?

If you see a country challenge named “The Best Selfies” instead of, for example, “The Best Selfie from the United States”, it can be two things:

  1. You didn’t choose your country in the app. Do it now in your profile to not be missed in the next country challenge!
  2. You live in a country where there are not so many Foap users to compete with.

What does it mean for you? You can join a country challenge but not as a representative of a specific country. You can upload a photo of whatever country you like.


I want to ask about something…

Great! We will be happy to respond to your questions. You can add a comment on our blog (keep in mind that because of spam, every comment needs to be approved) or contact us directly through the app.