Best Selfies from around the world finalists and best comments

A while back we asked you to share your best selfies from around the world. We are so happy to meet our community (almost) in person!

Choosing the best pictures is hard with so many incredible contributions, so we are grateful that you were ready to eagerly share thoughts! See the finalists and the comments that helped us make the decision:

1. The Best Selfie from Argentina by rou.barreto

“Love the idea and creativity that was applied in this picture with rainbow colors is great and wonderful. Love the brightness in the face because of the multicolors.”

2. The Best Selfie from Italy by lindappertutto

“This photo is beautiful because the colour of the background and the sweatshirt are both has a light dark tone, which helps to draw more attention to the spring type hair and blue eyes face which has more light & good clarity”

3. The Best Selfie from India by rajmanna

“The photo as a whole reflects a cultural heritage. At first, it seems just an ordinary selfie but if we look into it carefully there is good utilization of lighting to show some drama when you look at the photo. Plus the utilization of the candle created more impact”

4. The Best Selfie from Colombia by vpw2cyb8v9

“Spreading happiness, love, and positivity is the most important thing for life to be beautiful and this selfie suits it perfectly.”

5. The Selfie from Bulgaria by foapper45433

“Never take yourself too seriously, take the time to enjoy the silly things in life. This selfie portrays it beautifully, with the artistic angle of the picture. This picture makes me happy and reminds me to throw myself back in the chair and just relax”

6. The Best Selfie from Sweden by cabday

“Perfectly captured the mystifying beauty of season change! The clothing and hair color more than compliments your surroundings! I could see this in a nature magazine”

7. The Best Selfie from China by feixiangfoto

“Love the humor! Laughter is medicine for the soul! ”

8. The Best selfie from Vietnam by ishipookli

“This selfie is great! She gives you the feeling like you are there in the room with her ~ just two friends hanging out for lunch or a coffee. Great use of spatial elements and the cute fun hand gestures!”

9. The Best Selfie from the Philippines by gennyfer_genny

“It looks natural and creative. The selfie is bright and the palm tree view makes it look as of she is wearing a crown. I love this. Congratulations and good luck!!!”

10. The Best Selfie from Turkey by kubradervisoglu

“Great capture! I love that you did it during a colored powder celebration! Gives great contrast and adds a great visual story! Congratulations, I wish you luck!”

That’s all!

Authors of these 10 comments will get $10 each. Thanks for participating!

Now, the best Foap users (who sold the most number of photos) will have a few days to vote for their favorite photo (we’ll send them links to a survey).

Authors of 3 photos that will get the most number of votes will win $200, $100, $50, and a lot of Foap Coins.

You will know the winners on September 15th!

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