When you live in Thailand

A couple of days ago we got a mail from one concerned user that experienced that all of his comments and photos was made hundreds of years ago. Also, every mission had expired and he was very confused over not being able to participate in our missions. Together we agreed that it had to do something with time zones. And then he suddenly realized what it was – he used the Buddhist calendar and not the Gregorian. He switched to the Gregorian time zone and he was finally able to participate in the mission! He send us this photo to show us how it looked like and where to change the settings in your phone!

FOAP_SETTINGWe will try to synchronize the app with as many time zones and formats as possible – Foap is for everybody! But in the meantime you can always change the time like this in your phone: Settings -> General -> International -> Calendar. That’s all for now, have a great day or night foapers!

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