Two wonderful drinks, two wonderful Foapers and two wonderful stories

Today we’re presenting the winners of two different Missions: “Absolut #TeamBloodyMary” and “Drink Up With a Kahlúa Mind Eraser”. Both winners are women and they’re well known in the Foap Community.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re happy to announce that Marlene Bocast (@mbocast) and Jennie Hertz (@akilles) are the winners of “Absolut #TeamBloodyMary” and “Drink Up With a Kahlúa Mind Eraser” Missions. Congratulations ladies! You did again an amazing job!

We’ve asked both ladies to share their thoughts on each others’ photo. They also share with us stories behind their pictures


Marlene, congratulations on winning the “Absolut #TeamBloodyMary Mission”. We have even more great news! At the same time Jennie Hertz (@akilles), whom we know is your Foap friend,  won another Mission – “Drink Up With a Kahlúa Mind Eraser”. This is her winning photo. Could you share your thoughts on it? What do you like about it?


There were so many terrific photos in the Absolut Bloody Mary Mission, I’m really surprised that I won. However, I wasn’t a bit surprised that Jennie (@akilles) won the Kahlua Mission. She has a real talent for composition and lighting. I think you can tell from her work that she puts a lot of thought and time into it. I’m happy to see that it’s appreciated.

And now let’s move on to your winning photo. Could you share the story behind this picture? It’s a great composition. How did you come up with this shot?


As far as my Bloody Mary photo is concerned, I thought about what I would serve for a fun brunch for my friends. So, I came up with mini-bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, and capers. I added the pepper for color and to play off the Absolut Peppar. My husband judged it delicious!

Ha! This sounds really funny, Marlene! Next time we are coming to you for Bloody Maries 🙂

Now, let’s move on to the Kahlúa Queen.

Jennie, congratulations on winning the “Drink Up With a Kahlúa Mind Eraser” Mission. As you probably know, Marlene Bocast (@mbocast), won, at the same time, the “Absolut #TeamBloodyMary Mission”. What do you think about her winning photo?

I Love Marlene’s photo, the light is perfect and she has put out the drink and the snacks in a nice way. It looks so delicious. She is talented.

And how about your winning photo in Kahlúa Mission? How did you come up with this shot?

I took the winning photo on my vacation in Norway. I mixed a couple of drinks after a day of skiing. The interior design in the apartment at the hotel was very nice, so I thought that I could take some mission photos at the same time.

The drink is delicious and good looking, so I focused on that. I used a 50 mm lens and an external flash when I took the picture.


Thank you Marlene and Jennie! We’re looking forward to your next photos and to a happy hour together!

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