“Be patient. Wait for the best moment.” advises the “Musical instruments” winner

We’re happy to share that the winner of the “Musical instruments” Mission with 2748 photos submitted is Johnny Su @johnnysu from Taiwan. We’ve talked with Johnny about his motorcycle trips around Taiwan and his passion to music. Read the interview below.

First of all congratulations on winning the mission! Your photo is really amazing – so natural, filled up with emotions. How did you come up with this photo? What’s the story behind it?

This photo was taken few years ago, the man in the photo is my best friend. We both didn’t like sing in the KTV (karaoke). Instead, we often went outdoors, found a beach or riverside at night, he played guitar and I was singing. Also, I really liked taking photos while singing. This photo is one of the photos I took at that time. Now we don’t have that much time to do that anymore because of the work. But that’s really good memory so we will try to  enjoy it one day.


You’re quite new at Foap. How did you hear about this Community and why did you decide to join?

I haven’t heard about Foap before. I just found it when searching for some useful apps. I immediately decided to join as it’s much easier for me to upload and share photos through an app than through a computer.


Johnny, we’d love to get to know you better. Who are you, where do you live and what do you do?

I am an amateur photographer from Taiwan. I am living in Brisbane currently, because my wife is studying here.


You seem to specialise in the nature photography. Why are you interested in this type of photography?

I learned photography because I travel a lot. I love travelling and exploring new places on a motorcycle. Taiwan is small but has more than 100 mountains that are higher than 3000 meters above the sea level. I spent a lot time travelling around Taiwan. But once I realized that I don’t have any record of my travels. After that I started to learn photography. I learned all the photography skills by reading, googling and continuous practice. I think that’s why I love nature photography.


Could you share some tips with other Foapers on how to photograph nature?

Be patient. Wait for the best moment.

And always think how to make the photo more emotional. That’s more important than skills.

Develop your own style. Everything starts from imitating but you have to learn to put your personality into the photo.


You have many beautiful photos in your portfolio. But which one would you pick as your favourite one?

I have many photos that I really like. But there are some photos on my mind that I am still trying to take.

I know exactly what elements are needed and what’s the best timing to take it, but it also needs the atmosphere to be there. So I am still working hard to make it. So far my favorite photo is the one below. It’s a very common photo, but I took it with a wide lens. You need a lot of luck to be able to take it. I was doing a 2000 km trip when I took this photo, so it somehow explains my state of mind at that moment. That’s the most important reason.


Thank you Johnny – we really like your story! We’re looking forward to your next photos from travels and wish you more time for the evenings filled with music.

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