Meet Mohamed Ehab: the winner of the #FollowMeTo Mission

Recently he won one of the most beautiful Missions on Foap ever, the #FollowMeTo Mission. Today we are happy to tell you a little bit more about Mohamed Ehab, a future pilot with a passion for photography.

#Follow us and find out more about the story behind his great winning shot and this great young man.


Mohamed, congratulations on winning the mission! So many amazing photos were submitted and yours was selected as the winner. How did you react when you received the news that you were the winner?
I was driving when I get the notification from the app that I won the Mission I was like  I didn’t believe it because there was a lot of great photos and it was a really hard competition so I parked some where and opened the app and I found that I am really the winner 😀 and I went directly to my family home and when I first saw my sister who was my model in the photo I told her that we won the mission she was happy like crazy and hugged me and my mother and little sister were there and they all were really happy for us and told us well done 😀 we deserve it because we did our best 🙂


We would love to know more about the context in which this photo was taken. Where was it taken exactly? Who is the girl in the photo and how did you take this shot (phone or camera)? Also, who’s idea was it to take this shot?

We took this photo at one of the seven wonders in the world the Great Giza Pyramids in Cairo-Egypt . The girl was my lovely sister Randa Ehab who really did a great effort to help me to take this shot :). I took this shot with my Camera Nikon D3300.

Actually after I saw the mission on Foap it was my idea to take all the shots at the main sightseeing in Cairo we started with the Pyramids and that was our first photo  and in the next days we visited Salah Din Citadel in Cairo , Mohamed Ali Mosque and the Cairo Opera House. That mission made me to think to start a project calling it #FollowMeToEgypt to support tourism in Egypt by showing the main sightseeing all over Egypt with the Same way of Great Photographer Murad Osmann so I decided to start with my project after I finish the Foap Mission and currently looking for someone to sponser me so I can cover all the places in Egypt . I guess its a lovely and new way to show the beauty of your country to all the world.







What does photography mean to you and do you strive to learn more everyday? If yes, how? Do you see Foap as way to challenge yourself and your photography?
Photography is my hobby which I really enjoy it and make me happy . When I have a spare time I get my camera and go outside take photos or sometimes I stay home and I take photos or things around me my happiest moment is when I go some where and maybe stay like 1 hour taking shots and after that hour I take the exact shot which I want 😀 I feel like I achieved something I never get bored from photography I can spend a whole day taking photos . Even when I am outside and I don’t have my Camera I use my phone if I find anything that attracts me in simple words photography makes me H a p p y . Every shot I take teach me a new thing and improve my experience .I didn’t take any photography courses because I didn’t have the time for it but I use google and youtube to learn more and I am planing when I finish my studies I will take a photography course.

Foap is really one of the main reasons that made me take shots of everything I see I feel Foap made me addicted to my hobby 🙂 I started to use Foap when It was first released and there was only few missions and selling photos it was challenge for me that I try to take unique shots so I can sell them on Foap and afterwards started to be a lot of missions a lot of competitors that made the challenge so harder and made me to always trying to take a unique shots not just normal photos . As I said in the begging Foap made me takes photos of everything even if there no mission running at that time but I keep it so maybe when you start a mission I be ready for it 🙂

Who or what got you started with photography?

My Mum ( Jihan )and sisters( Randa & Rozan) the ones who are  supporting me all the time and give me a motivation. When I started to travel alone I started to take some photos with my mobile phone I remember the first mobile phone I used for photography was HTC Inspire 4G and I started to take photos when I am flying in my training and show it to my friends and family and they all liked it . So I started to like photography slowly and every time I get a new mobile phone I focus mainly on the Camera specification 🙂 and then I started to post photos on my Instagram account and I found a lot of people likes my photos so I created a my photography page on Instagram and post all my photos there .Currently I got GOoPro Hero 3+ , iPhone 5s and Finally I got my professional Camera the Nikon D3300 in My last Birthday in March 13 2015.

We would love to know a little bit more about you. In your biography on Foap you say that you are a “Student Pilot”. Is flying your passion? When will you become a pilot and what are your professional plans for the future?

To tell you truth Flying and Photography are my only Hobbies and the only things that I enjoy when I am doing it and my best moment when I be able to take photos when I am flying or on the RunWay when I am waiting my clearance to take off 😀 I don’t know if you will believe it every time I see an airplane my heart beats 😀  .Actually I wanted to be a pilot since I was like 10 years old but  when I finished my High School I didn’t have the chance to study aviation my parents wanted me to study a regular universities studies so I got a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Business Administration From the Canadian University in Egypt and afterwards I went to USA I started part of my flight training and then moved to Denmark to complete my study and get a European Pilot License.


I will finish my studies and get my European Commercial Pilot License around December 2015 so in few months 🙂

You live in Denmark, a beautiful country. What’s your favorite place in Denmark to go out and take some shots?
I live in Small city Called Odense I like to take photos there in the Parks during the summer and spring time . But My Favourite place is The Canal Copenhagen I love this place and everytime I go to Copenhagen I go there and takes some shots .


Last but not least, could you tell us what’s your favorite photo in your Foap portfolio and why?
Favorite photo


I love this photo because it symbol and represents Flying 🙂 Plus  it took me like 2 days to get that shot as I don’t have a zoom lens I am using the 18-55 one which make it harder little to get that kind of shot so I really spent a lot of time and shots till I get that one 😀 I really feel the picture represents me Flying Freely In The High Sky 🙂


Thank you very much Mohamed for sharing your photos and story with us! Good luck finishing your studies and see you on Foap!



Mohamed Ehab, @mohamedehab
Age : 26 
Favourite Foapers: Happytails & Mgarbarczyk are my favourites and good Foap friends 🙂
Favourite Dish: Pizza 
Favourite Destination: Paris
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