Meet Adrian Werner, the winner of the “Looking up” Mission

Dear Foapers,

The “Looking Up” Mission ended some days ago. Over 16,000 photos were submitted, 12,000 approved and 30 selected as Finalists (see Finalists posts here). ONE had to make it, one had to win. Selecting the winner was super challenging and Adrian Werne’s photo made it.

Today we are happy to share this photo’s story and the context where it was taken. We are also glad to get to know Adrian better, a father of two daughters, who thanks to a mobile phone, found out that he could take great pictures.

Enjoy your reading! 🙂


Adrian, first of all, a huge congratulations for winning the “Looking Up” Mission! Could you tell us something about this shot? Where and when did you take it?

Thank you! I took this picture while visiting London with my wife in April 2015. The Queen’s House in Greenwich with this outstanding tulip staircase was the last place we visited before going to the airport. Actually, if you search more pics of this staircase you’ll see that most of photographers shoot it in very similar way. I just was lucky and joined your mission before others, Foap 😉

In your bio you state “all pictures taken by mobile”. What is mobile photography for you? What does your phone, specially the camera in your phone, mean for you?

I discovered mobile photography about two years ago. And, to be honest, I didn’t take pics before that, with professional camera. Thanks to taking pictures by mobile I realized that I can take pictures. So, the camera in my phone was my “passport” to the world of photography.


Now we would like to know more about the person Adrian. Where are you from and what do you do in the “real” world?

I’m a corporate communication and internal projects manager in one of the big companies based in Gdansk, Poland. I’m 40, happy husband of Agnieszka and father of two daughters. I am trying to be an active citizen of my city, discovering new opportunities. With my pics of Gdansk I am trying to show people from other countries the beauty of my city.

We notice a great number of amazing Foapers in Poland. How is the Polish mobile photography community? Are you engaged and participate in events and photo walks?

Yes, mobile photography is very popular in Poland. During last two years I’ve met a lot of great people, from Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan and other Polish cities. We visit each other and go exploring our cities together. Next week I’m going to Warsaw and can’t wait photowalk with my ‘instafriends” 😉


Last but not least, how do you keep your passion for photography growing?

I travel, more than before. We plan our trips, family vacations, weekends with my wife, thinking of new experiences, visiting new places. We also did some mobile photography workshops – for local NGOs and companies. It’s great to share the passion with others.


Thank you so much, Adrian! It’s a pleasure to have you on the Foap Community. Thanks for sharing your talent and story with us. Keep looking up 😉

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