Meet Marcel Kriegl: The winner of Japan Airline’s Mission

Japan Airlines Mission winner The winning photo in Japan Airline's Mission

You know that moment when you get off a plane and someone you love is waiting for you? There is so much love present that you would like to make that short moment last forever. That’s what our friends at Japan Airlines wanted to do: to register magical reunion moments in airports.

Japan Airlines’ Mission, “Reunion Moments in Airports”, received many fantastic shots. Today we are happy to introduce you to Marcel Kriegl, a Brazilian with a passion for photography and Japan Airline’s Mission winner.

Join us and find out more about the winning shot (above) and Marcel’s life and photography.

Marcel, first of all, we at Foap want to congratulate you for winning the Reunion Moments in Airports Mission by Japan Airlines. The Mission received many beautiful submissions but your photo was the one that was selected as the winning one. How does it feel to have your talent recognized by an international brand like Japan Airlines? 

First I would like to thank everyone who ranked my photo and the opportunity that Japan Airliunes opened to Foapers. It is very rewarding for a photographer to have his work recognized, especially by a company with the size of Japan Airlines.

We would love to know more about you and your photography. When did your interest for photography start and what’s your favorite photography subject?

My interest in photography began when I was very young and got a photographic film camera from my parents. Since then, the passion only grew. The arrival of digital cameras has enabled a good progress in my photographs. I love the social picture, but I don’t limit myself with this type of image. I like shooting everything!


Tattoo by Marcel Kriegl

You live in Curitiba, Brazil, right? What is the city like from a photography point of view? Do you have some favorite spots in the city or other places in Brazil where you to go shooting?

Yes, I live in Curitiba. Curitiba is a city with lots of personality and culture, which is very good for the  lifestyle photography. In my opinion, every place is a good place to take good pictures, you just need to explore it.


Tulum by Marcel Kriegl

From a more personal perspective, what do you do for a living?

I am a co-owner and a photographer in a photography company called ProPhotos in Curitiba.


Pretty baby by Marcel Kriegl

Could you also tell us a more about your winning photo? The Japan Airlines team loves it. It’s a great light and scene. What’s the story behind the shot? Who is this beautiful couple and where is the photo taken?
The photo was taken at the international airport of Curitiba. The couple had a distant dating, and used to travel almost every weekend to see each other. In one of these weekends the groom decided to surprise the arrival of the bride, and asked me to photograph the moment.

This mission’s great challenge was to shoot a scene that was authentic and the same time had an excellent quality, which you did really well. Do you have any advices for Foapers who are striving to combine these two aspects?

Photography requires much study. Over time you begin to better understand the light and starts to takes it as best in every situation. Of course with good equipment you can take a picture even better. On the day I took this photo the weather was cloudy, which gave me an ideal light. The best advice I can give for Foapers is: always be photographing. The only way to improve your photographs is practicing and studying.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us, Marcel, and thanks for being a part of the Foap Community!


Follow Marcel on Foap: @mkriegl

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