The winner of Visit Norway’s “Norwegian Summer” Mission is announced!

Even if Foap was born in Sweden, our heart is a part Norwegian, as Knut who developed the first iOS app is so Norwegian as someone can be. And as a good Norwegian, Knut loves to spend time outdoors.

And he is not alone…Visit Norway’s “Norwegian Summer” Mission got over 1600 stunning photos from Foapers who live in Norway or who love to spend their summers there. Summer! Browsing through the Mission gives you a sense of how beautiful the Norwegian summer is.

Today we’re happy to announce the winner of this Mission: Kenneth Spaberg (@kenneth.spaberg), who beautifully captured this photo of in Molde. Read the interview below with Kenneth, where he answers to both ours and to Visit Norway’s team’s questions.


Kenneth, first of all, congratulations on winning the Mission with this amazing photo. To begin with, we’d like to ask you two questions prepared for you by Grethe Knapstad Fossen from Visit Norway:


What made you take this photo? Please share the story behind it.

I took this photo during my holidays in Molde. I visit this city because of the Jazz festival. Molde is a small city in the north west of Norway. My girlfriend lives there as well, so I’m visiting the city very often. I took the photo during a nice summer day.

How did you experience the moment you took this photo?

We were walking along the shore and suddenly I saw the reflection of the sailboats in the sea. That was the thing that inspired me to shoot this picture. From that place you can also see beautiful mountains in the background which added to this amazing landscape. I have to admit that I love taking photos in Molde.

And here are the rest of the questions from the Foap Team:

How did you learn about Foap and why did you decide to join this Mission?

I was browsing the internet for a way to sell photos through a mobile app. As I have lots of photos of Norway in my portfolio, taking part in this Mission was quite an obvious thing for me.


All we know about you right now is that you’re the winner of “Norwegian Summer” Mission and that you come from Norway. Could you share your story with us?

I live in Oslo, Norway and I am 34 years old. I work in an economic department at an importing company. My biggest passion is photography.


How did your interest in photography start?

I have been interested in photography for several years. 2 years ago I started using instagram, and my gallery is very popular today. I have around 3000 followers. Lots of my photos are from Oslo. I take photos of architecture, city life, landmarks etc. I also like to use special filter like black and white and hdr. My instagram account is @osloostbilder.


Which is your favorite place is Norway?

Oslo is my favorite place in Norway. I love to behave like a tourist im my own city. I like to take awesome photos of the city and share them on Instagram, Facebook and other apps like Foap. I receive lots of feedback from many people who recognize the places where I take the photos. This is what motivates me to pursue my hobby.


If you were asked to recommend 5 Must Sees in Norway, what would they be?

I would recommend these following places:

  1. Vigelandsparken (Sculpture park).
  2. The opera building with nice architecture and a nice place to take good photos in Oslo.
  3. The Barcode Area in Oslo, the modern area of Oslo with huge buildings, great architecture – perfect place for taking great photos.
  4. Mountains in the north west of Norway, near Molde. Beautiful nature.
  5. The Atlantic Road – a road with many bridges in the north west of Norway.


Thank you, Kenneth, for sharing your story and your passion. We’re looking forward to visit Norway and to see these beautiful sceneries in real life. 


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