The Magnificent Seven of the Week

Every Thursday we feature The Magnificent Seven Foapers of the week, seven Foapers whose photos caught our attention in a special way.

Get inspired by this week’s awesome photographers.

Alessandro Lironi (@lironialessandro), based in Bangkok.

Exploring the vibrant Bankkok.

Magnificent Seven


Melanie Saucier (@antoineolivier) from Canada.

Charming compositions.

Magnificent Seven


Mary Elizabeth Caverly (@marylizcaverly) from the US.

Always finding beauty somewhere.

Magnificent Seven


Marie Carr (@emmm), from Ireland.

An Iphone and a lot of talent.

Magnificent Seven


Kasper Kay (@kasperkay) from Denmark. 

A beautiful variety of shots. Kasper has shared since the beginning great insights about our app.

Magnificent Seven


Punahele Waiolama (@punahele17), from Hawaii.

Capturing magical moments and colors.

Magnificent Seven


Claude St-Pierre (@claudiusacapus), from the US. 

Opening a window to a new, colorful world.

Magnificent Seven

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