“Let’s go sailing!” Mission winner is…

“Let’s go sailing” Mission turned out really amazing. Many Foapers submitted stunning photos and we want to thank you for all of them! Last week we published the list of the finalists and today we’re happy to announce the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lars Hernborg @cekari from Sweden!

First of all congratulations on winning the mission! It’s been chosen out of 2169 other amazing photos. How does it feel?

Thanks a lot! I am really surprised! After browsing through the photos that were submitted I thought that my photo couldn’t compete with them. But I uploaded it anyway. And winning the Mission was an unexpected and pleasant surprise 🙂


Your photo is really unique! How did you come up with this particular shot? Please share the story behind it.

There isn’t much to tell honestly. I was just sailing with a friend in the spring and noticed the scene which looked promising. So I  just took a few shots and I felt this one was really nice.

Who is Foaper @cekari? We’d love to get to know you better.

Nothing much to tell about me either. I’m an old man (grunt) who have been working since the 70-ties and always been interested in photography since my first ”box” camera that I got from an aunt in the 60-ies. That got me hooked on photography.


You’ve been Foaping for three years already. What does it mean to you to be a Foaper?

Foap for me  is a way of showing what I like and hoping that some other Foapers will also like. I like to challenge myself if I’m interested in a subject of the Mission. I also love to see what others share with the Community. Nowadays, in the mobile era, people shoot so many great images. I think it’s great that there are places like Foap or Flickr where people can show and share what’s interesting and fun for them.


Your portfolio is really diverse. But we’ve noticed that you like to photograph cars. What do you like the most about it?

I’m still fast enough to be able to capture them when parked 🙂 Just kidding! But to tell you the truth I know almost nothing about cars. I just like their forms and colors, particularly of the older cars. I like both those which are carefully renovated by the owner and those a bit rusty, with holes or blemishes. I just love every part of them – whether it’s the whole car and its form or the details captured with a wide-angle lens like what the iPhone has or better. I have special feelings for these old cars.

I do shoot everything and not only cars. What I really love are closeups of flowers and insects in gardens. That’s much harder to capture for an ageing person, but still brings lots of fun.


We’d love to hear how your interest in photography started. What inspired you to pursue the photography?

I have and had in the past lots of cameras, from iPhone to DSLR with interchangeable lenses. Wherever I go I always have one or two cameras with me, usually an iPhone and a ”pocket” camera with a zoom lens.

I shoot for the fun of it, especially when there is something nice. I share my photos with other to let them see that and hopefully get a comment and/or rating.


Thank you Lars! Congratulations again on winning the Mission and we’re looking forward to your next photos!


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