New Mission: Reimagining Cereal with Kellogg’s

Calling all Cereal Lovers!

Our friends at Kellogg’s would love to see your beautiful cereal photos! Now you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and have fun taking pictures! Check out the Mission description below and good luck in the Mission.

The Mission: Reimagining Cereal
Total Rewards: $1,500. 5 Winners á $300 each.

Mission description:
We’re calling all cereal lovers to show us how you “Stir Up Breakfast” with your favorite Kellogg’s cereal. Whether it’s adding in a handful of nuts, spices from the kitchen cabinet or even something savory like bacon bits or chocolate, we’re looking for photos of your bowl of Kellogg’s cereal re-imagined in the most delicious and creative ways possible, along with a brief description of the recipe you’ve created. With Kellogg’s cereal, the combination and creation possibilities are endless!

Inspirational photos on what photos Kellogg’s are looking for:

kelloggsexample9                    Kelloggsexample0


kelloggsexample8                   kelloggsexample7


kelloggsexample6                    kelloggsexample5


kelloggsexample4                    kelloggsexample3


kelloggsexample2                    kelloggsexample1


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