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Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week

by @mrgiza

As you have seen many times, you don’t have to be a top photographer to win a regular or premium mission. Often, all it takes to win a mission is a smartphone, the right moment, and maybe just a pinch of talent.

However, our new series Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week mission is special. Great photography is at the heart of Foap, and there are plenty of amazing photographers in our community. With this new series, we want to highlight them and their work, as well as let you get to know them and learn from them.

We will choose the winning photo each Monday and the talented winner will not only get a $100 prize but also have their photo featured on the cover of next week’s edition.

Only exceptional curated photos will appear in the app, so come take a look and get inspired! And if you think that you have some amazing photos to share – don’t hesitate and upload them.

Winner of the first edition is foap user andreea13popa! Congratulations! Check out the photo below. To see all of the chosen submitted photos check out the mission Editors’ Choice 1.

Winner of the Second Edition of Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week is.. emzol ! Congratulations! Click the link to see all chosen photos.

Third Edition of Editors’ Choice Photo of the Week was taken by @galinkazhi. Congrats!

The winner of the Fourth Edition is…. @meolia!

The winner of the Fifth Edition of Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week is @ricardocouto. Congrats!

Another week, another winner! Check out the 6th edition of the mission and the full winning photo by @alessa37

The winner of this week’s edition of Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week is…. @c.sevenini

The winner of this week’s edition of Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week is…. @a_day_in_the_life_of_p. Congrats!

Winner of the 9th edition of the Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week is… @leosign. Congrats!

The winner of the 10th edition of Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week is… @zojrif

The winner of the 11th edition of Editors’ Choice is…. @dodyk.dodyk. Congrats!

What do you think about this mission? Maybe you already know some of these amazing photographers on Foap? Share links to their profiles and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. 1

    What a great way to showcase the best talent and give the rest of us something to aspire too!

  2. 5
    • 6

      Hi Tatiana! The accepted section is only relevant for Premium Missions, but otherwise, even if no photos show up as “accepted”, they are still seen by other users and the curation team and are being considered for rewards. So don’t worry and good luck in missions!

  3. 7
  4. 8

    What happens to a photo at the end of a mission? Can people still but a photo that is in a mission or won a mission? Do we have to upload a photo outside the mission in order to sell it?

    • 9

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. If you want your photo from a mission to be visible in the market, you have to reupload it. But remember that the market has lots of competition, so participating in missions actually gives you a much higher chance of winning. Good luck!

  5. 10

    Thanks in advance that you inform me about your Premium Missions I will try it and I will do my best to develop my photography in your community Foap and hope my photos will be accepte and just wish me a luck . My Respect and greetings to you

  6. 12

    I love foap! Just started 2 days ago and I am in love ? thanks to the creators for sharing this gift with the world .

  7. 14

    I just love FOAP! I’ve sold photos but I trust my talent and I know I’ll win award missions yet ???

  8. 16
  9. 18
    • 19

      Hi Mohamed! The accepted section is only relevant for Premium Missions, but otherwise, even if no photos show up as “accepted”, they are still seen by other users and the curation team and are being considered for rewards. Sometimes a photo might not be accepted if it doesn’t match the mission brief. So remember to read the mission descriptions carefully and keep uploading! Good luck?

  10. 20

    It’s clear that the only photographs that get attention are of hot models. There were some fantastic photographs entered into the competition that got no attention. It is obvious now that Foap does not care about quality images.

    • 21

      Hi Matthew! Thanks for the comment, we really appreciate your opinion. I understand that with only one winning photo it is hard to appeal to everyone’s tastes. But do not worry, because the Editors’ Choice was created especially because we care about quality images. This series of missions is so special, also because of its diversity. We can’t wait to showcase more talented photographers in the upcoming weeks, this is just the beginning. We hope you enjoy and participate?

  11. 22
  12. 23
  13. 24

    hello hello, the truth is, I don’t know how to upload my photo, I don’t see the option to upload a photo.

    • 25

      Hi Quirella, follow these steps to upload your photo to the mission: open Foap app, click on the mission of your choice, click the “Join mission” or “+” at the bottom of your screen. You can then choose a photo from your phone gallery. Add a description and tags and your photo will be published! Good luck!

  14. 26
  15. 27
  16. 28
    • 29

      Hi Emmanuel, I’m so happy that you want to join the mission! Just go into Foap app on your phone, choose the ongoing Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week mission and click “Join mission” or “+” at the bottom of your screen. Choose your best photos and upload them! We choose the winning photo every Monday, so stay tuned!

  17. 30

    I’m new to FOAP and trying to participate but having some trouble. When I am uploading a group of pictures, a photo will not be acceptable because of resolution,
    Then the screen goes blank but I am still asked to input tags and description for the removed photo and my only option is to leave and lose the remaining pictures I was uploading? It’s happened at least three times and there is no way to get back. It happened to me today in my first mission (for new users only) and now the mission is no longer listed for me to continue uploading.

    • 31

      Hi there! I’m so glad that you found Foap and I’m so sorry you’ve been having trouble with your photo uploads. I’m sure there’s something we can do to get your photos in the mission. Please get in touch with, they will be happy to help 🙂

  18. 32

    Hi….you are so talented and thank you for sharing your talent to everyone…keep up the good work…congrats ?

  19. 33
  20. 34

    Hi, I just joined foap! I’ve been going through the app and I’m seeing how amazing it is. I got my welcome missions, and I hope to do it asap. I hope I benefit greatly from this!

  21. 35

    Hello! I like this idea and hope to contribute more. I’m wondering about the guidelines. Are we allowed to enter more than one photo each week?
    Can we submit the same photos in weeks ahead?
    Does it cost FOAP coins to enter or is that only for Premium missions?
    If these guidelines are posted, I apologize, but I couldn’t find them.

    Thank you

    • 36

      Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your questions. We love that you want to be more active and take part in our missions! The Editors’ Choice missions are free to join (any mission requiring Foap Coins will have an “Unlock” sign). You may upload as many photos as you’d like, and the photos may repeat from week to week, as long as you think they’re your best shots. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  22. 37
    • 38

      Hi Rio! I’m guessing that you would like to know how your photos can get accepted in the mission. While all uploaded photos are seen and considered by our curation team, only the best quality photos will be chosen and visible in this particular mission. We’re so happy that you’re joinig our missions and we wish you good luck!

  23. 39
  24. 41

    It seems to me so many of the photos chosen are not in focus. I try to only submit in focus photos. Am I missing something?

    • 42

      Hi Onita! Thank you for taking the time to bring our attention to this. We love how invested you are in the process. Unfortunately when it comes to focus, a lot depends on the screen that you’re viewing on. I assure you that our Curation Team works with the utmost care and tries to choose only the best possible content. I hope the photos that are chosen in the future are to your liking. See you on Foap!

  25. 43
    • 44

      Hi there! Here’s a step by step guide on how to add your photos to our missions:
      1. Open the Foap App and log in
      2. Click the “Missions” tab and choose the mission you’d like to participate in
      3. Read the mission brief carefully and click the “+” or “Join Mission” button at the bottom of the screen.
      4. Choose photos from your phone gallery, add tags and description.
      5. Done! Your photos have been published!

      I hope this helps. Good luck!

  26. 45

    Are you guys trying to come up with ways to make the app more user-friendly? For example, I find it very annoying to have to load pictures every time I want to join a mission. Loading them 10 x 10, having to manually put in captions and tags. Why can’t we just store the photos with the captions and tags and apply them to missions we want to join? Would make things a whole lot easier. Also, some sort of intuitive technology when adding tags would be great. Like when you have two or three pictures in a row that would qualify for the same tag, maybe it should suggest some of the tags you just used. Instead of making us brainstorm all over again and have to manually tap them out. It’s very aggravating and is the number One reason I do not join many missions. It is too tedious a job to manually have to do that every time.

    • 46

      Hi Laci! Thanks so much for your comment. We are definitely always looking for ways to make our app better for all Foapers, so it’s great to get constructive feedback like this! If you have any other ideas on how to make the app easier to navigate, don’t hesitate to message

      Thanks again for being so invested, we will do our best to make the app better for you and other Foapers 🙂

  27. 47

    Hello! I am new to this app and I believe that I have uploaded for missions. I’m trying to create an album and I’ve added my title and description. When I go in to try and add a photo it seems that it uploads photos that are not mine into my album including my profile picture. I am confused on this and would appreciate clarification as I would love to submit an album for viewing and purchases. Thank you so much!

  28. 49

    This was my first time entering in a mission and I am a little confused. Is there a gallery of all the pictures that are entered.? I entered 3 pictures and I can’t seem to find them anywhere to see if they were even accepted even accepted.

    • 50

      Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your question. In most other missions you’ll see your photos accepted instantly, but the Editors’ Choice missions are different, because only the photos chosen by the Foap Curation Team will be visible to users in the app. So keep uploading your very best photos to the missions and they might get chosen as well! Good luck!

  29. 51

    Why my premium mission photo not shown in submitted photo collection. But shown as accepted
    (Best photo ina srilanka mission)

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