Winners Announced

February Editors’ Choice: Winners Announced

Great photography is at the heart of Foap, and there are plenty of amazing photographers in our community. We want to highlight them and their work, as well as let you get to know them and learn from them.

We will choose the winning photo each Friday and the talented winner will not only get a $50 prize but also have their photo featured on the cover of next week’s edition, as well as our social media channels.

Only exceptional curated photos will appear in the app, so come take a look and get inspired! And if you think that you have some amazing photos to share – don’t hesitate and upload them.

First 1st place winner in February is… @indrawidi. Congratulations!

Here’s another February winner! @dakotaviolet! Great job!

Third winner in February is… @ahmed.mansour7

And the last winner in February is… @wavorj Congratulations!

The upcoming winners of the Editors’ Choice mission will be visible in a separate blog post. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of the February winners in the comments below!

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    Hello I’ve entered A few photos but never see them with all of the other photos on the soght. Can you tell me why that is?

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      Hi Laura! Thanks for your question. Editors’ Choice missions are special, because only the photos chosen by the Foap Curation Team will be visible to users in the app. So keep uploading your very best photos to the missions and they might get chosen as well! When it comes to Foap Coins, you can go to Menu -> Foap Coins -> Watch ads to earn Foap Coins. For more information on this, try reading this blog post. Good luck!

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      Hi Marcela! Joining our Editors’ Choice missions is easy! Open the app and go into the “Missions” tab. Click on the Editors’ Choice mission and upload your best photos by clicking the “+” button or “Join mission” button at the bottom of the screen. Good luck!

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      Hi there Shereen, thanks for your comment! You’re right, one reward did not go through. But it’s all fixed now! Go into the app to see the 25th winning photo!

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    Please can you explain why my picture not accepting , thank you so much for your service ??♣️?

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      Hi Mohamed! The Editors’ Choice mission is the mission where only photos chosen by the Curation Team will be accepted and visible in the app. Check if your photo is of good quality and has an interesting subject, and make sure that there are no marks on the photo (like a watermark or camera specifications). Try uploading again with these hints in mind! Good luck 🙂

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