Foap model becomes Purina’s Super Bowl star

Super Bowl means great social media content. Great social media content means great stories, and great stories are often told with great images.

Purina sells pet food. Well, they also help thousands of people with expert tips on feeding and care. They inspire pet owners, they help them to be better guardians. To reach out to them they are present in Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine and they create great content.

Purina and Foap make a great match. Our dog and cat photos engage more than the more “traditional” photos you find in other places. Why? Because our photographers are present among Purina’s customers: they ARE dog and cat owners, dog and cat lovers. Their shots are not staged, their photo “shooting” is happening while they are just having fun with their pet friends. There might be no intentions of taking any photo but then something happens and they just snap a photo – yes, they just Foap it. Purina can then license the photos on Foap and post them across their channels. What happens next is that Purina’s fans feel close to what they see on Purina’s feeds – because that’s reality, that’s their lives. They see photos that could have been taken by themselves.

When Purina chooses a post for Super Bowl it has to have a great image. Natural, authentic, “alive”. Add to that the simplicity in the license that allows you to post on Twitter for $10 and you never need to think about that photo again. Add as well some great creativity for a nice copy.  What do you have then ? A post that creates a lot of engagement. And yes, it has a Foap photo on it. It also has some great numbers: 59 retweets and 118 favorites – their average post will get 4-5 retweets and 10-15 favorites.



It’s so easy! On Foap you can see the photo here, taken by Foaper Carol Boyler (@kaylove) from Delaware.

Now her roaring cat is a national star 😉

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